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Interview with former Juventus and Fiorentina player Marco Marchionni




Over the Years many talented players who have played for Fiorentina and Juventus. Baggio, Chesia, Bernadeschi and now the  Serbian hitman Dusan Vlahovic. In the late 2000 after Juventus had come back from Serie B, there was a lesser known player who played for both Fiorentina and Juventus, the banter era legend Marco Marchionni. Marco sat down to talk exclusively with to give his thoughts on the historic transfer, and he first started off talking about how he thinks Juve will change by signing Vlahovic.

‘”It is clear that a player like Vlahovic cannot be questioned for the qualities he has. Juve have taken on one of the best forwards around, if not the best . He has already shown his worth at Fiorentina and I expect him to do the same for Juventus too, he has all the qualities to be able to change the face of this team. With his arrival Morata would also benefit , for the way and the characteristics he has of playing, together they would complete .”

Next he was asked about how this transfer will affect the two teams:


“The one who loses the most is undoubtedly Fiorentina. The fans are seen taking their umpteenth precious piece from Juve and, not least, the departure of a player like him also negatively affects the team . He will have to be a good Italian to keep his concentration high and I’m sure he will succeed because he is a great coach.”

Of course since he took the time to talk, why not give his take on the Dybala situation?

The qualities of Dybala are not discussed but the factors of the renewal do not pass only from the strength of a player. Someone like him would make a difference in any team, but it is up to the club to understand what is best to do for everyone”

Next he was asked about how he rated the job done so far by Juventus coach Max Allegri:


“We assume that one can always do better than he has done . However, if we consider the difficulties that Allegri had first and foremost and Juve then, we cannot say that he failed, indeed. If we see the ranking and the progress of the antagonists, we can say that you want or don’t want Juve is always there and this is the result of a great job. As long as mathematics allows it, the Bianconeri are in full swing for the Scudetto , even if Inter are stronger in my opinion and in the end I think they will win it back.”

And finally he gave his opinion on the latest transfer rumour which links De Jong and Jorginho to Juve:

“We are talking about two very strong midfielders who would suit anyone. But if I had to make a choice I would say Jorginho . He is more experienced and Juve also needs players who bring you experience, but above all he already knows the Italian league and would find several team-mates on the national team.”