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Interview with former Juventus player Darko Kovačević

Max Statman



In a interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, former Juventus striker Darko Kovačević, currently working as a scout for Olympiacos, gave his views on Juve’s Champions League chances as well his take on Vlahović.


Winning the Champions league? 

“There is a small chance for Juventus to win it because in football you never know. Even if you have 20% possession and play poorly you can still win games in the end. But if I have to pick a favorite then it has to be Real Madrid. Between Kroos, Modric and Casemiro in midfield with Benzema up front flanked by fast wingers, at the moment they look like the best side”



He also added that he believed that Juventus would go through to the round of eight tonight.