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A peek into the new market strategy of Juventus




For my first article I want to talk about the new Juventus that the management are trying to build for the future. Since Cherubini and Arrivabene took over the recruitment strategy of Juventus has completely changed or can I say it has gone back to what it was before maestro Paratici took over. During Paratici’s regime we were looking at market opportunities rather than thinking about building a team with a set structure or plan in mind which led us to sign many players who were not needed and those who were not at Juve’s level or didn’t make sense for us to buy.

But now the management is working with a set and clear goal in mind that is to make a team with young and promising players at its core and first fixing the issues of the starting 11. Juve have bought in Locatelli and Zakaria and there are already many reports that juve are ready to bring Rovella and Fagioli back in the senior squad in the summer, while juve are constantly linked to gravenberch for the summer the along with Barca’s Frenkie De Jong. In the defence department Juve are looking at profiles like Cambiaso, Udogie and Wijndal to replace the ever declining Alex Sandro all the targeted profiles do not exceed 22 years of age. While Juve have also bought Gatti and are looking to buy Bremer in case de Ligt leaves.


As for the attack, Juve have started to work on Zaniolo already while some suggesting that he could be a replacement of Dybala whose contract extension has become an increasingly complicated topic and if the young Italian can find form and consistency then along with Chiesa and Vlahovic in the attack Juve could look set for many years to come.

The recent signings as well as news from reliable journalists suggest that Juve are now looking to build a team for long term by targeting young and promising players which gives us the hint that the management has finally decided to get back in touch with the Juve DNA which the they had neglected for quite a while.


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