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Adamo Luciano becomes President and CEO of Forza Juventus

Max Statman



Adamo Luciano is the new President and CEO of Forza Juventus. The President and CEO of Max Statman has expanded his role in the English speaking Juventus community with this new role and hopes to ensure the community’s growth. “One way to do that, is the content becoming better and better.”

Max Statman is now the official website of Forza Juve EN, but Luciano can’t get into too much detail about what the future holds. “All I can really say is, everything is on the table, everything is an option, and whatever it is we do, it will be from the highest quality.”

Difference between Max Statman and Forza Juve


Luciano sees a clear difference between Forza Juve and Max Statman. “I see Max Statman as a rubber stamp. If we tweet something out, it most likely means that what the source is saying is true or has truth to it.” That’s why Max Statman ends tweets from sources like Fabrizio Romano or Romeo Agresti with official and confirmed when a deal is closed. “We believe the source to be reliable. That’s the job of our accounts, to validate what the source says. If you want details on rumours or something we don’t consider as credible, that’s where the website is for as well.”

He also wants to give his opinion about clickbait. “There’s no such thing as clickbait. There’s just good information and not so good information.” The Statman President says that Forza Juve EN is for the people that come on Twitter to read all news and every rumour involving Juve. “Like what I used to be, that guy that just comes on Twitter to check the news and that’s it. Max Statman is a different brand where we only deal with the most passionate Juventini, who are only interested in the most reliable information.”

How the partnership came to be

Before getting involved with Max Statman, Luciano had a ghost account on Twitter to get his Juventus news. “For me there was only Juve FC, ran by some British guy named Rav.” When Juve FC was sold, their standards changed and different administrators came in. “They weren’t even Juventini, I remember one being a Liverpool supporter. That’s when I said to myself: ‘something needs to be done about this’.”


Luciano started following Max Statman, an account with around 1000 followers at the time. That’s how he met founder Max Aimé-Thierry. “We just started talking back and forth. Some nights, we would talk for hours going over our ideas until the point where, after a couple of weeks, I starting writing articles for the blog. That’s when I said: ‘we may have something here, let’s start the website’.” Luciano become co-owner and soon after, he became president and CEO too.

Letting the community grow

The partnership with Forza Juve comes from a connection with founder Max Aimé-Thierry. “He was an administrator at Forza Juve for a long time, even before starting Max Statman.” With this new partnership, Luciano hopes that the English speaking Juventus community keeps growing. “One way to do that, is the content becoming better and better. The people who put out the content are these accounts. I think, with more hands on deck at Forza Juve EN, I can bring that same magic from Max Statman over there. In 5-10 years, we won’t be bigger than, let’s say, a United Stand, but we could be a miniature version of that. That’s my vision. It all ends with Max Statman on the ground in Torino, with microphones in our hands.”

Luciano emphasises that he wants to be seen as a leader who will call it like he sees it. “I don’t work for the club or any media, so I will always give my true opinion.” Back in the day Luciano remembers everyone going to Rav from Juve FC to check if something was true or not. “That’s gone, but not only that, the community is lacking leadership in a way, That’s why I thought it was important to step up. If anyone ever has any questions or inquiries about sources or whatever, they can contact me directly. Any little question, I’m here for you.”


Will he keep writing articles on this website? “I will never ever stop doing the things that I’m passionate about.”



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