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Addressing the 6 key concerns heading into the upcoming season




De Ligt isn’t only a concern for Juventus. Juve will need time and clarity to conclude six other cases in the best way feasible. Their fates are so uncertain. From Luca Pellegrini, who is searching for more room and may get it with Cambiaso’s imminent departure, to Marko Pjaca’s umpteenth return to Continassa. Juve must also deal with Rabiot’s stomach ache, who is looking around, and Arthur’s desire to play despite a magnificent engagement and, of course, the great evaluation that remains on him. Here are the six guys:

Pellegrini- The player had requested more space, so he assessed multiple mercato situations. The player was dissatisfied by Premier League interest, notably from Fulham. So, until Juve brings in a quality player in his position, he’s likely to stay.


Rovella- Two of Miretti, Fagioli, and Rovella are expected to stay, and this will be determined on the US trip. The latter can enter into some deals, even at the last minute.

Rabiot- He’s searching around but hasn’t brought any firm bids yet. Despite the fact that Allegri likes him a lot and he has even worked on his physique, he is more outside of the club than within. Watch out for Manchester United.

Arthur- The Brazilian is seeking for more game time in order to improve his chances of making the World Cup in November. That’s why his agent publicly stated that his client is looking around. However, he is still highly regarded, at least on paper, and the Brazilian’s huge salary is also a matter of concern. The Arsenal track is still active at the time.


Ramsey- Juve are negotiating a mutual contract termination: they must file the severance pay figure. It’s reported that Ramsey’s termination will cost about 4 million to Juventus.

Pjaca- Sampdoria asked for information on the player, as did Salernitana.

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