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Agnelli Answers to Sarri: “Winning is Not for Everyone”




President Agnelli had his comeback! Presumably targetting Maurizio Sarri for his statement regarding Juventus for saying our scudetto title at 2019/2020 was taken for granted. Agnelli thinks otherwise!


  • Sarri thinks Juventus under him took the scudetto title for granted
  • Agnelli thinks otherwise, “Winning is not everyone
  • Sarri has missed the whole context of pandemics and football

We all do remember the interview between Sportitalia and Sarri that happened a couple of weeks ago. Just like all our most ex-partners do, they will talk about us.


What were they talking about, you asked? Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe—you finish that statement that Gattuso starts.

The interview was about Maurizio’s previous adventures: back in London and obviously in Turin. He talked about how special Chelsea was, and determined that Jorginho can compete for the Ballon d’Or. Frankly enough, as he is a man of Napolista himself, praised Juventus for the club’s effort in UCL despite losing after the group stages.

He also highly praised Dybala’s conduct to the team. Should Juventus have another project in the next future, Sarri suggested that Juventus needs to keep him around or sell him. It was a very black & white option.

However, those were not the main points that resulting in high tension between him and the fans.

Out of the blue, Sarri implied that Juventus took the scudetto title under him for granted. Thus, Maurizio was keen that everyone in the club was celebrating by themself.

Such statements are taken as an offensive manner by the fans, and probably, the boards. Thus subjectively speaking, his opinions are quite dense too.

Sarri was keen about his achievements in the Black and White days are taken for granted. He later implied that he was sure about this for one reason: it’s because we were celebrating for finishing 4th this season.

Such a strong statement, however, doesn’t go unnoticed.

Agnelli is Clapping Back

By the time this article has been written, Allegri and Agnelli are having an official live interview. The fans are probably have gone impatient to hear about Allegri’s opinion regarding our current squad. There is a statement, however, that goes unnoticed for me.

“Whoever thinks that the trophies of recent years have been less appreciated is wrong, because behind them there is always sacrifice and a desire to achieve them. No victory is ever a foregone conclusion. And as Allegri says, winning isn’t for everyone.”

There is nothing in the world that can convince us that this is not a replying statement from the club. Agnelli as the club president is assertively positioning us in the opposite stance of what Maurizio Sarri’s thought about us a few weeks ago.

President Agnelli was determined, that the club’s achievement under Sarri can never happen without any sacrifice made from the team—including Sarri’s himself. In conclusion, winning is a team effort. The scudetto has never gone unnoticed, should Sarri thinks otherwise.

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Not finishing at this part—President Agnelli also put the gas to the flame through requoting Allegri: winning is not everyone. Does he imply that Sarri has the wrong mindset of winning mentality in Juventus?

Personally speaking, however, there is still so much more to talk about this. Since President Agnelli in his interview only addressed Sarri’s statement with only a statement or two.

Never for Granted

In a subjective manner, I think we need to address Sarri’s criticism about us celebrating finished at 4th  in a lot of ways. For me, it was special because it has been hard for us—no, it has been hard for Italy. In fact, it has been hard for everyone!

The club has to direct a quick policy to change the club’s project and shifting into another. Left alone the whole system of international football has also changed in a couple of months. For a big club with rich history such as Juventus, this was obviously not an easy thing to finish in a couple of weeks.

We were determined like how we used to be, but talking and putting pandemics out of context is very degrading.

Covid hit us hard in the early pandemics time—even until now. With all due respect to Mister Sarri, I have to completely disagree and determine to say that such a statement was nothing but insensitive. Again, context matters. And it’s not hard to see and perceive! With these hard times, we should count everything and celebrate everything. Even for finishing 4th at Serie A.

Glad that the whole club and fans still can see and perceive it as something that we can still celebrate. It’s a whole level of drawbacks for the club no doubt about it. Especially if we compare it to our 8 previous seasons.

However as things might be, there is and will be nothing taken for granted in this club.

Probably there are a couple like letting go Del Piero and selling Kingsley Coman, but we will always celebrate every victory like it’s our last.

Fino alla fine.

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