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Ahead Views of Juventus’ Summer 2021 and Season 21/22.




With the number of questions about Juventus’ summer and its direct aftermath heavily rising, I wanted to bring up some different scenarios and discuss them with you. Enjoy the text, Juventini!

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First things first, it has to be acknowledged that Mister Massimiliano Allegri is back, and we know his only goal is to win at all costs. Therefore, if you might see it as a huge advantage to have a stable game-winning mastermind behind your side, then you might as well be right.


The tactics could be finally ‘something’ that leads to our success, and it will positively be a welcome change amongst the fanbase after a year full of experiments under Andrea Pirlo. Yet, although Max plays to win, some must surely remember the famous Allegri-ball, which is often solely oriented to bring home the three points but is naturally not exciting to watch for a great group of supporters.

Despite the fact that I personally don’t care about the display in the next season as long as we stay away from underachieving, I understand the way of play will likely be hated again by many Juventini. I suggest you provide yourself with a great deal of patience because only the first training sessions of the Old Lady should inform us more about what is ahead. For example, we should have a clearer picture regarding what Max is focusing on the most tactic wise and perhaps, even which players to count on for the near future.

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Have you recently detected a decrease in the rumours regarding Max Allegri’s plans for this summer? Regardless of what you have to answer, I have only seen a few reports that said something about who Max might lure in to play for him next season. While there are always rumours about Manuel Locatelli to Juve, the number of other transfer news popping up is stagnating.


Could a reduction in terms of Max’s Mercato mean that we are currently witnessing the quiet before the storm?

According to the press conference that Juventus held while also announcing the new crew in charge, we are heading towards renewal with Paulo Dybala and probably even with Cristiano Ronaldo too. That said, if those two were to stay (Paulo, even with an improved contract), it would directly affect the funds available for new transfers.

Therefore when you consider the fact that we are also heads up for Locatelli, I wouldn’t expect a big-time summer for Juventus. Do not get me wrong, I believe that Allegri will make some intelligent and much-needed deals happen, but there will not be many.


Above all, at least for me, the changes in positions, style of play and the use of footballers will be one of the most exciting processes to watch. The reforms might be interesting primarily because Juventus is under the new leadership. From the roles of our Brazilians, Panita, Dybala, Ronaldo, and the Young Ones etc. What I mean is that for instance:

  • Paulo and Cristiano, after some time, finally together in a lineup in the centre of the project?
  • Cuadrado will be way more offensive or the exact opposite. It depends on the trust that Danilo earns. Will it be the same case as under Pirlo? 
  • Will Alex Sandro regain the past form he had years ago under presumably his favourite manager, Allegri? Arthur to be a bench warmer or an every game starter? Bothersome questions about the Brazilians are yet to be answered, and believe me, finding the solution is not as easy as it seems.
  • CB’s trustworthiness also in danger? Is Demiral included in Juve’s plans or not? De Ligt with Chiellini as starters, or is the Dutch going to be partnered with Bonucci? Rugani’s return short-term or not? Dragusin appears to be staying with us for the next season.
  • Fagioli, Rovella, Correia, Aké, Wesley, Di Pardo, … ? Do I need to continue with the names? I think not! The question is crystal clear: Are they going to have a specific part in the following season? Are they going to be less or more used than under Pirlo?

In conclusion, it is pretty risky to predict almost anything about Juve’s future right now, so I just tried to point out the rational things. Not only does it all depend on Allegri and the newly elected leadership board, but their decision making could easily change in a single week, which could lead to entirely different actions.

I would love to hear your thoughts out! Also, keep in mind this text is strictly speculative, and nothing here can be for granted.

Forza Juve, Fino Alla Fine!



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