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Aldo Serena, double ex-Juventus and Inter striker interview




Aldo Serena, a double ex-Juventus and Inter striker and a renowned former Italian football striker, was interviewed by Corriere Dello Sport. These are his exact words:

VLAHOVIC- Who knows, he has a point of reference in front of him to trust in, even in hardship or adversity. Juve understands that with one like this in front of them, they may find the goal at any time.”


LIKE MBAPPE AND HAALAND – “Haaland and Mbappé have shown more so far internationally; he has not yet had the opportunity to do so, but he is unquestionably a prospect who can reach their level. Who does he look like? Maybe just Haaland, even if Vlahovic is left-handed. But they are similar in characteristics, he has power and technique, and he can be exploited in a variety of ways because he knows how to help the team when he has a low centre of gravity, but he also knows how to fill the penalty area with an important specific weight when you have to push your foot on the accelerator. Past? In terms of attitude and power, he reminds me of Bobo Vieri. He too is a natural left-handed and knows how to extricate himself very well on the tight ”

THE SHOULDER- “Whether with Dybala or Morata? The truth is that he can blend in seamlessly with both. He has the opportunity to play with Morata, a more physical player who understands how to sacrifice himself and is even altruistic. But he also has great quality and technique element in Dybala, with whom he knows how to phrase even in one-two. It also depends heavily on his opponents, as well as what Allegri will ask of the entire Juventus team. Without having to go to the market, I believe Juve already has the right man at home. And it is Chiesa who, in my opinion, could be the second-best striker to back up someone like Vlahovic, acting centrally rather than just as an outside striker.”

DYBALA – “He would be the only one to lose, as playing to his full potential in these last few games will be especially beneficial to Dybala. Anyone who signs him will still have to make a significant investment because there is always something to prove in the future.”


JUVE-INTER – “I believe it will be a crucial game, particularly for Inter, because losing other points could make it difficult for Milan to recover if the Rossoneri win against Bologna on Monday. Sunday will be pivotal; whoever wins will have renewed morale and strength.”

JUVE OUTSIDE THE SCUDETTO- “The numbers would indicate this, because even if they beat Inter, at least two teams would remain ahead. But I know how Juve feels: as long as there is hope, everyone will do everything in their power to make it happen. The league’s expectations were different; both Juve and Inter must always compete for the Scudetto. In Europe, the goal is to advance as far as possible, but being a strong team or making a good transfer is not enough to win the Champions League. On paper, Inter may appear to have a few more issues today, but the truth is that Juve-Inter has always been and will always be a triple match.”

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