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Alessandro Del Piero, a Juventus symbol, it’s time to bring him home




Alessandro Del Piero needs no introduction to football fans; the legendary number 10 is synonymous with Juventus. The entire globe applauds Del Piero for his achievements in black and white jerseys as well as with the Italian national team. He was one of Bianconeri’s finest players, scoring over 200 goals in almost two decades with the club.

Last night, Alex Del Piero was on the sideline for Real Madrid’s play against Chelsea, and at the end of the game, he went to congratulate the Croatian, hero of the game and creator of a spectacular assist for the Blanco’s opening goal. A cordial hug and a few words between the two, with Modric, even extending his tongue towards Alex, as his famed trademark celebration.  And it could only go viral. And it demonstrated that talent recognises talent, genius embraces another genius, football and the class of numbers 10.


After all of this, many people wondered aloud, “Why not make him a Juventus symbol?” A similar question had arisen months before. “Alex Del Piero’s brilliance continues to shine all over the world, who knows whether he will return to do so in the Turin Stadium too sooner or later?” wonders a Juventus fan on Twitter. And it is the question that remains, which was previously voiced in hushed tones but has now been re-proposed by the shout of social media. Why not just grant him a seat in the boardroom, as many other clubs have done to honour their legends? Even he has previously shown interest in returning to Juventus for a technical role.

Even though he only lasted one season, Juventus rehired Andrea Pirlo as manager last season. In addition, when Giorgio Chiellini retires, they may offer him a non-playing role. So, Why not ADP? Del Piero is another player with a long history with the club who deserves to return to an administrative role.