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Allegri confirmed Pogba and Vlahovic’s return and insists he ‘doesn’t regret’ to not joining Real Madrid

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Massimiliano Allegri has confirmed that Paul Pogba and Dusan Vlahovic might feature in the next match against Monza, however they will be tested on Thursday.

Paul Pogba has not played any official game for Juventus since joining in the summer last year, while Dusan Vlahovic has yet to play a single game for Juventus since late October last year.


But Juventus coach Allegri has already confirmed they could be back on the pitch next Sunday when he spoke to Sky Italia after the Atalanta game.

“On Sunday we will have to have Pogba and Vlahovic available. Thursday we will test them,” said Allegri.

Juventus drew with Atalanta in a six-goal thriller, taking ninth place in the league table with 23 points.


About the match, Allegri said: “The boys were very good, going under a goal for a mistake that Szczesny usually doesn’t do is not easy. We certainly live in a particular period, but we got used to it quickly, we had a good reaction against a good Atalanta.

“I’m sorry for the goals we gave, I’d say it was important to make a result anyway. In the last ten games we have won 8 and we have lost one badly in Naples, there have been errors by individuals who happen.

“Many goals scored? We have to evaluate the goals we took, in Naples we flaked as a team, tonight instead there were individual errors. Let’s say these unexpected events have tested us too.


“Exultation to Danilo’s goal? It was for the boy, he is a champion who is doing an extraordinary season and has been paid for that mistake he made that is not like him. I cheered because there was a chance to win the game.

“Di Maria made 60 extraordinary minutes and gave us a big hand.

“We must think only of football and not be distracted by what happens outside, tonight it was important to make a result and we hope to return to winning on Sunday. It is not easy to find yourself tenth in the stands, but it is still all open.


“The team discovered 38 points, it is Naples who travels on a level difficult to reach. We have a working group that has pride and responsibility, we are Juventus and we must bring up the most glorious team in Italy. We need some madness and unconsciousness, perhaps hoping that the others will lose something. It’s still all to play.”

Massimiliano Allegri has confirmed that he does not regret not joining Real Madrid when they wanted him and decided to return to Juventus.

He said: “I regret not having gone to Real Madrid? I never regret choices when they are made at that moment they are right. I am very happy to be at Juventus, in life there are also difficulties that help you grow, I am happy to be part of this club and I have no regrets. When I make the choices I am convinced, then obviously I don’t have the crystal ball. We are growing well for young people and there are foundations for a beautiful future.”


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