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Allegri, Consistency, and Juventus Youth Squad




Allegri in Training Session

Allegri is a double-down bet. We knew him, we had affection for him, and we miss him. President Agnelli was opting for a long-term contract as the best term between the two. Marking a long-term commitment between Juventus and Max.

A much less volatile investment too, if I may add.


However, what have we learned from our last season’s test? What Allegri’s predecessors have left for the club? A golden apple or a team in crisis?

Key Takeaways:

  • Pirlo was reassuring at first, but inconsistent as the season went
  • We need to avoid unnecessary draw and loss
  • Juventus has to use its youth: not an option

Allegri: A Less Volatile Option

Last season was something else. There was too much up and down from the first until the end: It was almost like life itself. Our absurd taking for the silver lining for every draws and loss has also split the fans into two.

They say we should perceive the match results—leave it to a win or a lose—with our mind: not with our eyes. Since then, they say everything that happened to us is a lesson. “To be better for our next fixture“, “Pirlo needs time“, “Chiesa needs to start on the right“, etc.


Even Gennaro Cantaldo told me that Carbonara’s starchy sauces are from egg yolk, not milk or cream. I only agree with this.

Almost everything was implicitly a debate. Personally, however, I didn’t get along with these silver linings. I took +3 over any D with any lesson, left alone the L. So probably does Allegri.

A Fan’s Confession

I have to be crystal clear with you—I was one of the tifosi who highly praised the board’s choice. For the election of Andrea Pirlo as Sarri’s predecessor, I thought—I thought, Andrea is the perfect replacement. A new name will grant the team the necessary flexibility after Sarri’s rigid and strict approach.


Pirlo’s salary demand was probably the idea behind the consideration of appointing him. His salary definitely didn’t take a chunk in the bank. Plus, he is a well-known figure under our Bandiera.

Left alone his relationship with Chiellini and Buffon in the locker room. Everything was definitely a social capital and privilege that he has had.

The season started with a home game against Sampdoria. It was a debut for Kulusevski and McKennie. Curva twitter was ecstatic after Kulusevski’s goal. With him placed his shot, leaving Audero helpless.


It was a clean sheet without any real retaliation from Sampdoria. Total domination. Hence, curva twitter was loud, praising Pirlo. Many said he brought back the grinta of the team. The willingness from everybody to seek victory.

This is the part where I was right—where we were right. However, there is another part that I was wrong—where we were wrong. Long story short, we part our ways with Andrea after one very absurd season.

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From my personal standpoint, draw after draw that we were getting as our final result against a lower table team has accumulatively made everything turned complex.

We had 9 draws last season. Two of them were against Crotone and Benevento who are later got relegated. Juventus also lost an important three points for an unnecessary loss against Inzaghi’s Benevento, 1-0. The Old Lady could’ve rested easily at 2nd and be a real contender against Inter.

But I don’t want to be a Mister Shoulda-Woulda.


We understand the lesson: we need something less volatile, something more consistent. Experiments are needed, but experiences are also obligatory. Allegri is the first name, and nobody came along to sub-par him for now.

No Option: Use our Youth Squad

Juventus’ correspondent, Romeo Agresti, has confirmed it: Juventus have not much money left.

This complicates everything after the inevitable Demiral’s departure for Atalanta. Presumably, a deal or two can still go through. Obviously, to inject fresh investment money for the transfer fund. This may lead to Allegri’s management getting another fresh name. Surely, after the signing of the youngster Kaio Jorge. 


However, the gap still lies right in front of our eyes: it’s not enough. Apart from the arrival of Locatelli or not, we still have areas to work for.

The suggestion is simple: we should perceive our youth as an alternative. It’s a direct idea, but it may get interesting especially with Allegri.

Not Necessarily The Project Mbappe

There are a few young talents that have quite impressed us, and perhaps Allegri, from the last friendly match against Cesena. Names like Ranocchia, Fagioli, Soulé, and Pellegrini have stood out. Until big transfer offers arrive, these names are our tangible assets.


They do not necessarily have the same technical or mental level compared to the proven players out there in the market. This case, however, is the perfect situation for players with great influence and mentoring capability to jump in.

The expectations are not making these young names into another project Mbappe, rather, filling the missing block from the squad.


With patience, hard work, and unquestionable talent that they obviously already possess, it’s only a matter of time. These circumstances, however, are a collective work—not leaving anyone behind, yet not making anybody indispensable.

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