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Max Allegri: Inter remains favourite to win Scudetto




In an interview with DAZN, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri presented tomorrow’s match against Hellas Verona: “How am I? I’m fine, today is my son’s birthday so it’s a great day. In football you can neither always win nor always lose, right now the thing we have to do is stay silent and work, learn to understand the moments of the match.

“You cannot concede a goal in the 43rd minute of the first half and you cannot concede a goal in the 95th minute, these are details that affect the performances and the mood. You have to be good at working and facing the match against Verona tomorrow in the best possible way “.


Are you trying to keep the mood high?

“It’s not a question of staying happy, certain things happen in football. Tomorrow we face a team that is doing well and has rhythm, we must have great respect for Verona as for all of them. And then on Tuesday we have the first goal to hit which is the passage of the round in the Champions League. If we succeed we could have more time to work on the championship.”

There is someone who says that you pull a little.

“Football is good because everyone talks after the game. If you win you are a good guy, if you lose unfortunately … you say the word. Right now here we have to be good at becoming good guys, or win a few more games. With Sassuolo we created many chances, then in the end the result affects the performances from the outside.

“Instead, I have to evaluate the performances, the team tried to win the game until the end and bring home at least the same, we conceded a goal that we had to avoid, it is part of life, football and all jobs. When you are young you do not have the malice of a player who has played 400 matches in Serie A. Right now there is nothing to talk about here, but only to work.”

If it were a horse race, who would have the lowest altitude in the top 7?

“Juve at the moment does not have to think about the objectives, let’s think about Verona and then the Champions, taking one step at a time. Then the others take care of the rest. I think Inter remain the favorite, but Milan and Napoli are doing well and have all the cards to win the championship. Then in football a negative row can happen in which you eat up all the advantage, but we have to think about us.”

Chiellini said that Ronaldo’s late sale took away some points.

“I have learned one thing, the things that are said and the things that are done are for everyone’s interpretation. I think Chiellini said some things in a positive way. For me it was an honor to have coached Ronaldo, clear that with three days from the end of the transfer market it was not easy to replace Ronaldo, even if the club was good at taking on Kean. It’s just a question of the market.”

The Super League? 

“I am already struggling to be a coach. The president knows very well the things that need to be done, I believe that in order to improve football and quality, important decisions have to be made, yes.”

Translated from Tuttojuve.

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