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Allegri on Ballon d’Or: ‘They voted Messi, but I don’t know how they judge them’

Max Statman



During the press conference last night after the victory over Salernitana, Massimiliano Allegri talked about Juventusʼs performance of his Juventus, but also gave an opinion on the last Ballon d’Or, awarded to Lionel Messi.

«It was a good match [a win against Salernitana], however it was not easy because we say that we come from a moment of confusion,” said Massimiliano Allegri.

«There was pressure but we had a gang of guys on the pitch. We were good and we played a good game on a technical level, we could and should have scored more goals.


«We could accelerate and not always playing at the same pace, but we were good at not losing our clarity when there was the Salernitana pole.»

That was the part where you suffered the most? 

«It was a moment when they got the upper hand, they gained confidence and put crosses with structured players. We were lucky in that situation there.»

How much did it depend on having those three behind Kean?


«Kulusevski played a good game, Kean himself worked well in front. I’m happy with everyone, the ball went fast and I think you need to improve when he gets between the lines to accelerate.»

Your opinion on the Ballon d’Or?

«They voted for Messi, let’s say he is the strongest player in the world technically, however I don’t know how they judge them.»

Did you find the Salernitana you expected?


«They played the game they had to play, with great attention, they always kept it open. They created the opportunity for the post and we were lucky: in these games, if you don’t go 2-0, you can’t rest easy.»


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