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Full Max Allegri post match press conference vs Benfica

Max Statman



After the defeat remedied at Benfica, Massimiliano Allegrispoke to the microphones of Sky Sport:

“The game started not well, then we complicated it with the penalty and we had an opportunity with Vlahovic that was not exploited. We have to put aside the elimination that hurts us, we are angry and sorry, but we can not help but think about Lecce. There are four games before the break. Until the match with Inter we will hardly get players back. We accept the elimination reluctantly, but we must turn sorrow into anger and think of Lecce. elimination was there before, tonight we had to stay inside the game, we could hurt and we had to play it, we never went behind, after the draw there was the penalty and it was all more difficult but certainly the elimination did not c ‘was this evening “.

On exchange rates?
“At the beginning they raced a lot, I thought that in the second half Milik, Miretti and the other guys would increase the technical level but we were already four goals down.”


Do you think about the future with more serenity?
“We have to rethink the championship and then PSG because we still have to win the Europa League. Miretti has played 10 games, Soulè is growing, Iling has been with us for a month, they have enthusiasm, recklessness and this is important”.

Europa League goal of the season?
“We have to win it, because we have to play against PSG and it won’t be easy. We would have preferred this game to have a different flavor and instead we have to win the Europa League.”


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