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Allegri responds to Juventus current players and legends 405’s games congratulations messages




Massimiliano Allegri recently took a trip down memory lane in a candid interview on Juventus’ YouTube channel, reminiscing about his tenure as Juventus coach spanning 405 matches.

Allegri’s reflections, as reported by, offer a glimpse into the highs, lows, and memorable moments of his illustrious career with the Bianconeri.

Amidst the anecdotes and heartfelt messages from current and former players, Allegri’s tenure emerges as a journey marked by resilience, camaraderie, and relentless pursuit of excellence.


From Chiellini’s humorous quip about enjoying retirement in Livorno to Buffon’s urging to continue pushing boundaries, Allegri’s impact on Juventus transcends mere statistics.

Massimiliano Allegri spoke in a long interview on Juventus’ YouTube channel, reflecting on his 405 matches on the Juventus bench. Here are his words as reported by

“No good, no good. Mario (Mandzukic) stay calm, you’ll be out on Sunday and won’t play. We went out onto the field, and I had him behind for training.”

Chiellini: “Hi Max, I wanted to congratulate you on this milestone. I don’t wish for you to reach Trap’s record because there would be too many, and I wish for you to enjoy a few more years and then enjoy the sun in our Livorno. If I have to share a couple of anecdotes: after losing 3-0 at home against Real, you were the only one who started to make us believe we could win that match. 0-3 at the Bernabeu until the recovery was certainly an extraordinary feat, and you were the only one who could believe in such an achievement. We all cursed that day in Carpi when you took off your jacket because you never gave us a break and made us lose a day off every time. I send you a hug, congratulations, and good luck for the end of the season.”


Allegri: “That night, I was calm, I was convinced the team could turn the result around, and it happened. The last piece was missing, maybe I should have made the substitution earlier and not believe that extra time was within reach. As for the Carpi game, it’s true. I’ve always said that you have to win games. I learned a phrase from Gianluca Vialli: ‘At Juventus, when you win games, it’s a relief. After the games, you sit down, but right after, you feel relieved knowing you can spend three days in peace.’ That’s what happened in Carpi because it was Christmas, and we wanted to ruin Christmas.”

Barzagli: “Hi Mister, congratulations on the 405 matches. You are entering even more into Juventus history. I still remember in certain Saturday night games, you would tell us to have a nice Sunday, win, and then relax with our families. It happened often; I send you a hug and hope it happens again. Another beautiful joke: before the game, the lineup of the other team would arrive, and you would look at it and say, ‘Well, I’ve got the other team’s lineup. I hope I got ours right.’ Bye Mister.”

Allegri: “It’s true, usually I would say, ‘I got the other team’s lineup right, I hope I got ours right,’ which is the most important thing. But guessing our lineup with the players I had available was easy. Because having had the pleasure and especially the honor to coach these great champions but above all men. Because championships are won with men, and every time I see them, I get emotional because I have in front of me players who have made the history of Juventus and the national team. I consider myself a lucky man and coach because seeing and being in contact with these great champions I believe is a privilege for few.”

Buffon: “Hi great Mister, congratulations. I’ll tell you that now you are history within history, but I recommend not stopping here. Because much has been done, and much remains to be done. I think Juve has improved you on this journey, and you, with your vision, have improved Juve. Let’s not settle, both this year and in the future. Let’s see what happens, a big hug and many more congratulations. Bye Mister.”


Allegri: “Gigi always used to say, and I think he was right, and I occasionally repeat it to the team over the years, especially since I returned. There were games where you didn’t have to play but had to win. From him, I learned a lot, besides admiring him as a great goalkeeper. As I always say, to win trophies, there are 70/80% of games that you don’t play but win. Direct clashes must be played. I fought a lot when I heard people say that Juventus lost 7 finals; no, Juventus played 9 finals. It’s like playing 9 Super Bowl finals; it participated in 9 world events, and that’s the most important thing. Then if we could win more, it would be better, if we could win the two finals we played, it would have been wonderful. But when you remember those moments and when I look back at those matches, the fact of being present at that event means that you have done your best and that you are a lucky person because we live to play those matches and for those events that give you crazy adrenaline, and there is no other match in the world that can give it to you, at least unless you play a World Cup final.”

Danilo: “Hi Mister, I wanted to congratulate you for your record, you represent very well what resilience and work mean, and this is Juventus. I am happy to be a small part of this journey, and I recommend you keep improving not to leave before the game, so it’s fine, it means you are much calmer. Otherwise, next time you get fined. Congratulations Mister.”

Allegri: “Danilo is a player I’m working with, he’s a golden boy, he’s the leader of this team. The difference is noticeable because he played for Real Madrid and is a man of very high stature. I rely a lot on him, and I have a truly extraordinary relationship with him.”

Marchisio: “Hi mister congratulations on the milestone reached, congratulations to the staff for what they do and always lend a hand. Thank you for what we have been through together, for the victories unfortunately also for some defeats. But the victories have been really many. Thank you for everything.”


Allegri: “Claudio was an extraordinary player, we spent 4 years together. Already in the first year, when Pirlo was still there and played in front of the defense, Claudio, with different characteristics, started playing there. And with me, he had the most important years in that role, then unfortunately the injury he had, he had to interrupt our working relationship. But I would say I have extraordinary memories because he was one of the best midfielders in Europe.”

Rabiot: “Hi Mister, I’m making a video to congratulate you on the milestone reached. I wanted to tell you that I’m happy to work with you, you’re a great professional and a great person. Even though I don’t know if you remember when I arrived in 2019, you convinced me to come here to Juve, then you left, apart from that, everything went well. Congratulations because it’s a great thing.”

Allegri: “Yes, it’s true, when he arrived, we talked, and then I left. But we met again, and I’m very happy. Adrien has grown a lot, he has grown as a person because as a player, he was already good before and has become a very strong player who has grown in personality. He matured because the maturity age of a player is around 26/27 years old. Last year he had an extraordinary season. He’s repeating it this year. Above all, he has become a reference point within the locker room.”

Matri: “Hi Mister, I wanted to congratulate you on your appearances on the bench, I wish you always improve your record, and I will never forget the relationship that was created in Cagliari and your way of scolding and motivating me as only you knew how to do. A hug and congratulations again.”


Allegri: “Alessandro is truly an extraordinary guy to whom I am emotionally attached because it makes me laugh. Because in Cagliari, after the fifth consecutive defeat, he and Lazzari were on the bench. I let them enter 20 minutes before the end, and at the Wednesday meeting, I scolded them in every way, and it seemed like the responsibility for the defeat was theirs. And they remind me of it every time. And we laugh a lot about it. Then I said, ‘Ale, you’re lucky because you want to play 90 minutes, but if I let you play 90 minutes, you won’t show what you can do in 30 minutes, so in 30 minutes, you seem better than you are, and maybe you can get a better contract.’”

Matuidi: “Hi Mister, congratulations on your record, you have won a lot and always with joy. I learned a lot from you on the field but also off it. So, it’s a pleasure to make a video for you, and you deserve it. Bye Mister, a hug.”

Allegri: “Blaise truly is another extraordinary man, of humility, sacrifice, and unique availability. Once, Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival, even on the field, conditioned the players’ choices. Once, Matuidi was in the box, turned and passed the ball to Ronaldo outside the box. I told him, ‘Blaise, look, the ball goes to Cristiano to score, if you’re in front of the goal and score, we still get the goal, it’s not like we won’t get it.’ He truly has this attitude towards others… and then he did everything. I’ve been lucky to have players like this, and you’re making me emotional, because remembering them is always a pleasure.”

Alex Sandro: “Hi Mister, I’m really happy to work with you, and I thank you for everything you’ve done for me. We’ve spent a lot of time together, we’ve won a lot, it’s all been great. I love you, and I wish you the best.”


Allegri: “Alex arrived the year after the Champions League final, and it was an extraordinary acquisition because at that time, he was the best young full-back around. He spent 9 years at Juventus. He won championships, Coppa Italias, made finals. Besides, he’s an intelligent man, devoted to the team’s cause, and that’s what matters. I believe that great teams that have won with talent have hardly had any without intelligent players, that’s the basis of everything. Then you can also have less talent, but if you have a group of intelligent guys, they’ll surely achieve the maximum they can.”

Szczesny: “Hi Mister, congratulations on this great milestone. Now that you’re 190 games away from reaching Trapattoni, I’ll be the one to teach the boys that matches never end, that running isn’t mandatory but helps both those on the field and those on the bench, and that talk is just hot air and Livornese bikes.”

Allegri: “Tek mimics me when I’m not there. When I have to write his name, now I don’t write it anymore, there’s only one vowel if I’m not mistaken, and every time someone repeated his name to avoid me making a mistake. In ten years, I still haven’t learned. That said, the phrases I say to the team are true. But it’s true that in football, running isn’t mandatory, but it helps.”