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Allegri talks Sassuolo match, injury updates, Yildiz and Chiesa playing behind the striker and more




Max Allegri, in a pre-match press conference before Juventus match against Sassuolo, discussed various aspects of the upcoming game.

From the team’s preparation and individual player updates to tactical considerations and reflections on Juventus’ performance, Allegri provided insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Here’s what Allegri said in the press conference:


ON THE MATCH – “The team has worked well, as always. We understand the importance of tomorrow’s match, especially after a tough night in Sassuolo. They have quality individuals and a good collective. We need the right tactical approach and concede little.”

RABIOT’S STATUS – “He’s doing well, and Chiesa has recovered too. They will certainly be added value for tomorrow. Like in Salerno and other matches, those on the bench will be crucial. Tomorrow morning, I’ll decide the starting XI, considering various factors.”

ATTACK DOUBTS – “I need to assess; Yildiz and Milik are performing well, Vlahovic is in good shape. Chiesa will be back. Kean had a resonance exam today and will begin a rehabilitation period.”

YILDIZ AND CHIESA BEHIND A STRIKER – “Not at the moment. We have an important team balance now. Perhaps later on, it might be possible. We need to maintain this balance, or we risk becoming a dancing team again.”


QUALITIES TO COACH JUVE – “Talking about this is long and difficult. Firstly, congratulations to Ancelotti for the trophy; he showed he’s a great coach. The qualities to coach Juventus? Sometimes, I joke: ‘How does one become a coach? I don’t know.’ So, imagine if I know how to coach Juventus.”

DIRECT CLASH AGAINST INTER – “We talked with the players, but not specifically about Inter. Tomorrow is crucial, and there are many points needed for Champions League qualification. We must take it step by step. Going too far with calculations risks confusion.”

YILDIZ AND CHIESA COEXISTENCE – “Certainly, but we have balances to maintain.”

WEAH’S GROWTH – “I’m sure he has ample room for improvement. Here, he’s gained more knowledge about defensive play.”


IMPROVEMENTS MADE – “We’ve grown in awareness and player development. Football is delicate, and enthusiasm is good, but too much can lead to mistakes. We must remain determined and focused on tomorrow.”

ABOUT FANS – “It’s not about winning them over. We’re doing a good job, mainly thanks to the players. We around them are all crucial, trying our best for the players to step onto the field in the right conditions.”

GOALS BETWEEN INTER AND JUVE – “Inter built a team to win the Scudetto. Juventus started a different path, and we must work on that without obsessing over winning the league. We’re Juventus, and we must do our best, especially monitoring the players’ growth. This team has an important future for the next five years.”

DEFENSIVE DECISIONS – “The doubt is between Rugani and Alex Sandro.”


JANUARY TRANSFER WINDOW – “Balances are delicate in football, not within the group. I’ve never commented on the transfer market, and I won’t, especially now when our priority is playing matches.”

JUVE’S PERFORMANCE – “The difference between Juve and Inter is a matter of planning. We went through tough years, and this year we’re enjoying ourselves. If we earned forty-six points, it’s because we deserved them. We’ll see where we are at the end of May.”

ADVICE TO KEAN AND BERNARDESCHI – “I see Moise every day; he’s part of Juventus. Federico is a Toronto player; I’m not the one to give them advice.”

ABOUT SASSUOLO – “They have Berardi, Lauriente, and Pinamonti. They play better away, so we need to be cautious.”


SURPRISED BY JUVE – “Not at all. I liked the eagerness with which the players approach the field every day to challenge themselves.”