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Allegri’s coaching insight: Yildiz’s bench experience unveiled in Juventus-Empoli showdown




In an unexpected turn of events during the recent Juventus-Empoli match, coach Massimiliano Allegri chose to keep young talent Kenan Yildiz on the bench.

Allegri’s coaching approach was a deliberate strategy aimed at imparting crucial lessons about the unpredictable nature and challenges of being a regular starter at Juventus.

The decision to exclude Yildiz from the starting lineup left many fans and observers puzzled, sparking questions about Allegri’s thought process.


In a post-match press conference, Allegri shed light on his reasoning, explaining, “When a player consistently performs exceptionally well and attracts constant media attention, there’s a natural tendency to become complacent.

I noticed this in Yildiz after the Lecce match. Milik was in excellent form, and in a high-stakes game like this, I opted for experience. I stand by my decision, and Yildiz showcased his potential when he came on.”

Allegri’s coaching strategy involved placing trust in the seasoned striker Milik. However, the plan didn’t unfold as anticipated, with Milik experiencing a rocky start that ultimately led to a red card for a robust challenge on Cerri.

The unforeseen turn of events added to the scrutiny faced by Juventus and Allegri, who had expected questions about his coaching decisions.


Addressing the inquiry on why Yildiz did not start, Allegri reiterated, “It’s a simple concept: when a player consistently grabs the spotlight due to exceptional performances, there’s a risk of relaxation.

Milik was in good form, and for a match of this magnitude, I selected him. Yildiz entered the game and delivered a commendable performance. I would make the same choice again.”

Allegri’s observation of a potential “relaxed” attitude in Yildiz was echoed by goalkeeper Szczesny. During a conversation with DAZN, Szczesny remarked, “Kenan possesses the qualities to be a force on the field, but maintaining humility is key.

His journey is still unfolding. Yet, from the very beginning of training, we witnessed glimpses of a future superstar. To reach the pinnacle, he must put in continuous effort and dedication.”


In conclusion, it appears Allegri might have detected a sense of complacency in Yildiz, a sentiment echoed by the team.

This development, while met with disapproval, is part of the growth process for an 18-year-old with immense potential.

Allegri’s decision, albeit unpopular, was driven by a desire to instill discipline and foster a competitive ethos within the team, emphasizing that starting positions at Juventus are earned through consistent effort and commitment.