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Analysis: Why Juventus and Allegri must play Chiesa on the left

Max Statman



A key reason why Chiesa should play as a left forward is that it would give him more freedom to roam and create in the attacking third. As a left forward, Chiesa would be able to drift centrally and find pockets of space in the opposition’s defense. This would allow him to use his dribbling skills and quick feet to create chances for himself and others.

Moreover, playing Chiesa as a left forward would also benefit the team as a whole. With him occupying that position, Juventus would be able to overload the left side of the field and create a potent attacking force. This would put pressure on the opposing defense and open up space for other players to exploit, just like we saw at Euro 2020. As Chiesa playing on the left was a key reason why the Azzurri were crowned champions.

There are several reasons why Federico Chiesa should play as a left forward for Juventus. He’s great with both feet, has the ability to create in the attacking third, and potential to overload the left side of the field would all benefit both him and the team. With Chiesa in this role, Juventus would be able to take full advantage of his talents and would get back on track to being one of the best teams in Europe.


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