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Analyzing Dusan Vlahovic’s goal drought at Juventus: A statistical perspective




The prolific striker Dusan Vlahovic, after a scintillating start to the Serie A season with a remarkable four goals in the opening four matches, has encountered a significant dry spell.

Since his impactful brace against Lazio, Vlahovic hasn’t found the back of the net in 54 days, a concerning trend that raises questions about the Serbian’s form and fitness.


Back issues have played a defining role in Vlahovic’s recent performances, causing him to miss key encounters against Atalanta and Torino.

Additionally, he has notably been on the bench for matches against Lecce, Fiorentina, and Milan, starting only against Verona.

Despite these setbacks, the talented striker’s commitment to maintaining his physical condition remains unwavering, underscoring his dedication to peak performance.

The impact of physical condition on performance

Vlahovic’s meticulous attention to his body underscores the significance he places on physical well-being. When not operating at full capacity, it not only affects his technical abilities but also has a substantial impact on his mental game.

Though there might be a perception that Juventus has not fully facilitated his performances on the field, the team has provided ample opportunities for the striker to shine in the initial stages of the championship.

Delving into the numbers

A closer look at statistical data presented by Tuttosport highlights interesting insights into Vlahovic’s performance compared to other top Serie A forwards.

The comparison with Inter’s Lautaro Martinez, for instance, shows a more nuanced story. Martinez, despite a higher number of shots (36) in 895 minutes (averaging one every 25 minutes), is marginally outpaced by Vlahovic’s 26 shots in 554 minutes, equating to one every 21 minutes.

Moreover, in terms of xG (expected goals), Vlahovic’s figure of 4.7 stands close to other prolific forwards like Lukaku (5.1), Thuram (5.3), Osimhen (6.5), and Lautaro (7.3).

Considering the frequency of shots per minutes played, Vlahovic emerges as the second most active striker, shooting once every 117 minutes, trailing behind only Osimhen’s impressive record of one shot every 95 minutes.

A glimmer of hope

Comparing his current involvement in the game to a year ago, Vlahovic seems more integrated into the team within the first 11 matches. The team has put him in positions to excel, and the focus now shifts to Vlahovic reclaiming his scoring form, echoing his outstanding performance in the initial four league games.

Vlahovic’s recent goal drought might be a concern, but with his dedication, statistical closeness to top Serie A forwards, and the team’s support, there remains hope for the talented striker to reignite his scoring touch and make a resounding impact in the upcoming matches.