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Andrea Barzagli interview with DAZN Italia




In an interview with former Juventus defender Andrea Barzagli on Dazn, the Juventus coach says the following about topics regarding Juventus:-

Serie A race- “Milan, Inter and Napoli came in front of us in the standings, but there were no superior. If we have never won in head-to-head matches, we lacked something in terms of character or management. Leadership either you have it or it hardly comes to you at a certain age. In this group, Chiellini was important, as you too Andrea, like Buffon or Marchisio, speaking of Italians “.


THE LEADERS – “For the future, there are two: De Ligt and Locatelli. Manuel was an excellent signing, he could be the captain, and he has the technical and moral characteristics to stay at Juve for many years. Then this year Danilo was a pleasant surprise: when he speaks he is never banal and puts the team in front. A true leader is silent, he must speak little and must always put the team in front. It is the team that recognizes you as a leader. Miretti played 4 good games, he was very good. His quality is his reliability. ”

VLAHOVIC-” Dusan can be a leader in his own way, he has a loyal character, he always wants to win, more than words, he will become a charismatic leader on the pitch. on a character level. I coached Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho, Robinho, Cassano, Seedorf, Pirlo and Buffon: a champion, apart from when he got in the door and didn’t throw himself… The only one I missed training is Messi. I still get excited when I think of the years spent with great players who taught me and gave me so much. I also had clashes with them, but the champion is not the one who comes out of the locker room, dejected, and calls the agent. He is the one who brings out pride, he shows you that he is still a champion and so he wins games on the pitch. ”

NO TO REAL MADRID -” Juventus was a challenge, together with the club and the fans, together with everyone, I wanted to win in Italy and do well in Europe. In the next season, we could also see a Juve with two external players. ”
POGBA – “Paul will not come back because he is afraid to challenge me … First he lost with his feet, then with his hands, then he went away. The real reason why he left is this and he hardly ever comes back”.

DYBALA – “Paulo has to go back to being himself, there was a moment when he got carried away by the fact that he was the new Messi. A player cannot emulate or think of being like another. He still has so much to give because he has extraordinary technical qualities, he plays in a divine way “.

WINNING IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS – “Whoever wins can never play badly. But even those who play well lose and are criticized for not getting the result. When you are on the pitch there is no single method to win: you need to have very good players, put them in the right conditions and give them an idea. The difference is that when you coach a great team, the goal is to win. We all want to play well, but it’s an abstract word because in the end, we remember Ronaldo’s overhead kick here in Turin, not how the action came out. Then it depends on the characteristics of the player, but above all on the company’s DNA, another element that you cannot change. When you are on a great team you have to win. So you have to find a method and every year it is not the same “.

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