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Are Arthur and Juve headed for a divorce?




When the Arthur/Pjanic swap deal came to be between Juve and Barcelona, at the time Bianconeri fans thought it was too good to be true and that there was some sort of catch here, why would Barca trade a skilled young Brazilian who still had upside, for an aging midfielder who had been showing signs of decline for the last couple of years?


At the time it was explained that Barca were going through some finaical difficulties and needed to make the deal to show a capital gain on the books, a term now known by supporters of Juventus as the club has come under investigation for this Arthur/Pjanic deal, as Juve themselves were cooking the books in order to show capital gains and keep the share holders happy.



Now a couple years after the deal, it seams thats all this deal was about, correcting errors made by years of horrible financial decisions and a pandemic that could not have come at a worse time because certainly it wasn’t made to improve Juve’s play on the pitch. An argument could be made that Juve were better off with Pjanic but it doesn’t matter what I think, it only matters what the manager Max Allegri thinks, and it seems what he thinks isn’t good for the future of Arthur in Turin as reports indicated early in the week that Mister Allegri has made a technical discussion and those plans do not include the 25 year old Brazilian.


This was probably known behind the scenes at JTC Cotinassa for some time now and probably the reason for Arthurs sudden change of agents to the flashy charismatic figure in Federico Pastorello, who has shown in the past he’s not afraid to get a little dirty in order to get business done for his clients. As certainly, Pastorellos recent comments about Juve’s usage of his client in the press has shown that and now we all can see that this relationship is headed for a divorce.


But of course no man would ever leave his lady unless he has other options, so does the player have an option? well according to ‘Calcio Mercato’ there are 3 teams willing to take on the player. In Serie A the most likely team at the moment is Roma, but to me that seems unlikely because of Arthurs €5.5 million a year salary, that might be a little to rich for the giallorossi and that’s why this next team makes a little more sense to me as it’s being reported that PSG have been quite smitten with the player for sometime now, the only problem is they would like an loan option for now, who knows, as January approaches we may even continue to here more Arthur Icardi swap rumours. The last team on the list is Arsenal who have had their eye on Dejan Kulusevski for a while but it’s being reported that they would also like him on a loan deal.


And I think that’s exactly what will happen, a last minute deal to a club who know Juve are desperate to get rid of him because one thing is for sure, Juventus have a stud midfielder in Manuel Locatelli who has proven to be a real general in the centre on the pitch for the Bianconeri and at times this season the two players together have shown that their skills may contradict each other and that’s why I also believe hje must go even if on loan because if I do agree with Arthurs agent it’s that someone of his skill should not be rotting away on any teams bench.


In recent games, Arthur was given back to back starts, but again, against lesser opponents and of course no Locatelli in site, which we know is Allegri’s big game preferred option and would lead you to believe that at the moment, Arthur is nothing more then a back up to the great Italian international.

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