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Capital gains sporting trial beginning Tuesday, here’s a full update on the situation




Starting Tuesday, April 12th, Juventus and 10 other Italian clubs’ trial for capital gains will begin. The Italian football financial website Calcio e Finanza report they had access to the paperwork from the FIGC that was submitted to the court. A particular passage reads:

“From the comparison between the fees recognized in the operations – reads the act of the Public Prosecutor-, considerations actually paid since these are not cross transactions, with those of the transactions reported by Covisoc it can be noted that, when the clubs have to incur actual financial disbursements, they attribute to the players’ rights to performance values lower than those agreed in the cross transactions, even though they are – in the latter case – of players with a less important sporting career and a lesser technical profile. The comparable transactions, therefore, demonstrate that the values attributed to the rights to be exchanged without transfers of money or with adjustments of a limited amount do not correspond to market values.”

Juventus have been cleared of the Arthur-Pjanic and Danilo-Cancelo transfers as they were deemed the right values. The issue with the FIGC and the Old Lady is the 60.3 million euros capital gains that are claimed to be fictitious.

The clubs involved in this case are expected to avoid any points penalty in their respective championship but will undergo heavy fines.