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Changes expected in Inter-Juventus lineup for upcoming clash




With the Inter-Juventus showdown on the horizon, football enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation over potential adjustments in the lineups of both teams.

As per the latest reports, a dynamic shift might be in store for the upcoming match.Inter, bracing for the possible absence of Kostic, is contemplating fielding Weah as his replacement.

This decision could bring a fresh perspective to Inter’s attacking front, introducing a different set of skills and strategies.


In a positive turn of events for Juventus, the seasoned defender Danilo is slated to make a return to the starting lineup after serving a suspension due to accumulated yellow cards.

Danilo’s comeback is expected to bolster Juventus’ defensive stability and provide valuable experience to the team.

The suspension of Danilo has paved the way for Rabiot to take center stage in the midfield.

The French midfielder is anticipated to inject energy and creativity into Juventus’ gameplay, offering a dynamic presence in the middle of the park.


Despite the potential changes in personnel, both teams seem committed to maintaining their tactical formations.

Juventus, under the leadership of Allegri, is poised to persist with the reliable 3-5-2 formation, showcasing a robust defensive setup complemented by a versatile midfield.

The most significant alteration on the horizon pertains to the wings, where Weah is speculated to contend for Kostic’s position.

Should Weah get the nod, Cambiaso might find himself shifting to the left flank, presenting an interesting tactical variation.


La Gazzetta dello Sport via (ilbianconero), has been the source of these evolving narratives, providing fans with a glimpse into the potential strategies and alterations each team might employ. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the fluid nature of these decisions, subject to the coach’s last-minute assessments and the players’ physical conditions.

As the excitement builds for the impending clash, football enthusiasts are advised to stay tuned for real-time updates.

The final configurations of the lineups will only be revealed moments before the match, adding an element of suspense to an already highly anticipated encounter between these two football powerhouses.