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Chiellini: Juve gave us everything, it’s time to return the favor

Max Statman



Fderico Bernardeschi and Giorgio Chiellini spoke with DAZN after Juventusʼs 2-0 win against Salernitana on Tuesday.

Giorgio Chiellini words:


«We played a good match, both yesterday and today I think the coach used the right words to understand the moment and understand what needs to be done.

«You need a sense of responsibility, nothing extraordinary but doing things normal. With our mind and awareness of the moment. With great respect and humility we played like this, where we are we cannot do otherwise. Sunday is another important match.»



«I think there are moments and moments. The coach’s words touched me particularly: Juve gave us everything, to me personally. Right now we have to be close to the club and we will all come out of it. this, with serenity and balance. But with love from us and from the fans.»


«We all played well, the pitch was beautiful and it was possible to play football. To play two touches in the last meters. We try often, we don’t always succeed. It was closed first, when Salernitana attacks it does it well, then with that curve.»



«I think that 37 years after a whole career is good, but give up as much time as possible. I think about feeling well, helping my teammates. I still have many, small goals to achieve. We hope to get there.

«Which one? Getting to Christmas by with many points, winning Sunday, they started within our reach but we made a mistake. If we win many points between now and Christmas then I could have a happy glass of wine.”


Federico Bernardeschi words: 

«I am happy because this evening, it was essential to win, to make a solid Juventus performance. Above all, scoring goals and not conceding them. I think we did our job and we did it very well.»



«Is tonight’s right? For me, yes, I like to enter the pitch from the midfielder and back. I like it on the left, on the right I would return but I was more centralized and for me there is a position in which I find myself much better. I had many more possibilities, even to talking with my teammates, to swap positions. It doesn’t mean staying inside, but having variety, the important thing is not always being wide.»


«I believe that in life there are two moments: receiving and giving. This is the moment to give to the club and the fans, starting from tonight. This evening we did this. It is a delicate moment, we know, the president gave us a speech, we are calm and think about the pitch. I believe that from tonight we have to – and he left for me – to take a run of pride. It is important to demonstrate, we must do that.»



«We are calm. It really seems madness, but that’s it. The president has reassured us, the coach has reassured us. We think about the pitch, the president and the managers will take care of extra football situations.»


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