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Commisso speaks for the first time since selling Vlahovic to Juve




“I’m a different animal, I hope they respect a different animal. And if they don’t respect that, screw them. ”

Those were the words of the American Billionaire and owner of ACF Fiorentina Rocco Commisso in his recent interview with The Financial Times, where he explained his reasons for buying the Serie A club, and for Rocco Commisso it was all about his passion for Football. There is no doubt he has taken some hits it the media since purchasing the club and most of these criticisms stem from him selling his teams Captain and best player Federico Chiesa over to rivals Juventus, something he said he would never do.


Now for the second time in just over a year, Commisso has done the exact same thing all over again, and that’s sell his best player, this time Serbian Hitman Dusan Vlahovic to Juventus, which has left a bitter taste in the mouth of not only the supporters of the club, but with Rocco himself. Today he took to the microphones for the first time since selling the player to the Bianconeri, and this is what he told Fiorentina’s official channel:

“It was clear to everyone that Vlahovic had a ‘deal’ with someone, he said no to all offers. He wanted to stay until the deadline and ruin Fiorentina. His representatives wanted to get rich behind my back but selling him was an excellent operation ”


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