Could Memphis Depay be swapped to Juventus?


This morning, news broke from Romeo Agresti that Spanish giants FC Barcelona are seriously interested in Juventus forward Alvaro Morata, which left Juventini stunned, but not at the fact that we could lose the player ,because Juventini have been resigned to the fact for many months now, that when his loan deal with Atletico Madrid expires this summer, he would indeed go back to Spain with no chance of a purchase.

The surprising news too many supporters of Juve is the fact that Barcelona would be interested in Morata at all, as the striker this season has been struggling to show consistency, but that doesn’t seem to scare away Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez, which reports suggest that the coach is a big fan of the player and would like to bring him in durning the winter transfer season.

To make this transfer happen, one name Barcelona have put on the table is that of their highly coveted summer acquisition, Dutch International Memphis Depay, as Calcio Mercato is reporting that “theoretically, an exchange could also be convenient for Juve, at least in absolute terms, given that in the past they have tried to enter the negotiations for the Dutchman. However, doubts remain.”  as it’s also been reported that Juve coach Max Allegri may not be a fan of the player, as Depay would fail to fit in to his 4-2-3-1 system.



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