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Why Cristiano staying at Juventus is unexpected but special ?




As Portugal exited the European Championship in the round of 16 , the footballing world was buzzing with news around Ronaldo’s transfer from Juventus. The player was linked with PSG and a return to Man United. Everyday we were hearing news about his willingness to leave. Cristiano shut all the rumors once he returned to training with Juventus. Hence I have decided to analyze why Ronaldo staying at Juventus for the last year of his contract was completely unexpected yet wholesome.

Juventus Season 20-21

Saying our last season was a poor one would be an understatement. For a club that won the league last 9 years in a row , we somehow finished 4th , thanks to Hellas Verona. As if getting the champions league spot on the last matchday wasn’t enough ,the management sacked Pirlo making him the third manager to be sacked in 3 years time after Allegri and Sarri. Well it was illogical to appoint an inexperienced manager in the first place but this doesn’t make the situation any better. So after a season filled with ups and down and an unstable rebuild , it was obvious that Ronaldo wouldn’t stay. To believe that he would spend his last years in a rebuild that may or may not involve tons of silverware was senseless.


What changed his mind ?

Allegri’s return is considered one of the key factors behind Ronaldo continuing another season with us. Allegri in his previous spell wasn’t just successful domestically but took us to UCL finals and , quarterfinal with Ronaldo in his last season as manager. So it was easy for Ronaldo to place his trust in him. The new arrivals in the management and Agnelli’s full focus on Juventus after resignation from ECA could have fueled his desire to stay.

The promise

Ronaldo’s promise of delivering the UCL to Juventus fans could have played an important role in his decision to stay. He wanted to have a final try at the unfulfilled dream in his last year at the Bianconeri. How far will we go in the next season is not the main concern , What matters is the players giving their best for the black and white.

What’s next ?

Well if Ronaldo doesn’t extend his contract, he would be a free agent by the end of 21-22 season and can sign for whichever club he wants. But the main focus lies on this season where we hope the club can challenge for European and Domestic glory. While it’s no doubt that Ronaldo will be the flag bearer of our comeback season , but will his stay with renewed ambition combined with imminent enforcement in the midfield and support of young stars like de Ligt and Chiesa , lead to our success is something to watch out for.

To sum it up

One of the best players in the world continuing with us is a driving force that should lead us to excellence. Ronaldo trusts this project and our management , and it’s our duty to support them in this new endeavor under Allegri. The club needs to make the most of him and he needs to deliver what he promised us. While Ronaldo’s stay was completely shocking after all the transfer rumors, his decision is definite and motivating. Juventus is back to conquer what actually belongs to us. It’s time to rule.

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