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Danilo insisted that Juventus is on the right track




There’s no doubt that since Danilo has come over to Juventus from Manchester City, in a deal that saw João Cancelo go the other way in exchange, he’s had some Juventini divided in opinion when thinking if the club made the right decision in making this deal.

However, one thing everyone can agree on is that since he’s come to Turin, he’s showed the spirit and grinta that is needed to be considered a true Juventus player. His passion has been on display for over a season and a half, and it was all going smoothy until of course he got injured a couple of months back, which only saw him return just last week, when he announced via instagram that he was back and had a message for the supporters.


“After more than 50 days, going back to training with my teammates is a reason for great gratitude! It was a good training session! of resilience. Now, I have to work hard to be at my best as soon as possible. Tomorrow we have a final and we will go with the right motivation and determination to win! Come on Juventus,” he posted on Instagram.

Today, he had more words for the supporters of the Club, as he gave an interview to Juventus’s official app (JTV) and here is what he has to say.

Starting with the first question when he was asked about his return


“I’m happy to be back, it’s been two months of hard work. Today’s sensations are the best possible, certainly a bit of work is missing, we need to improve things. I’m happy to be back with my teammates and in front of our fans, we must continue on this path.”

Finally, he was asked about the Club going forward in this all important crucial time of the season, and also the performance of some of his teammates

“We have many quality players, today we let someone rest but we confirmed that we are on the right path. Now we have to think about Sunday and it will be a whole other story. The spirit? It is too important a thing, we must have this alchemy between of us. I always try to bring positive energy even when I was injured. We were happy for Rugani who is a player who works hard and who deserves it. We must continue like this.”


It’s good to see Danilo back smiling and again in form, with crucial games in Serie A coming up and of course next months Champions League clash with Villarreal, there’s no doubt he will see plenty of playing time, as in Max Allegri’s short time back at Juventus, Danilo has certainly been one of his favourites to call upon.

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