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Danilo talked about Juventus after Cristiano, his carer, relationship with Alex Sandro and more

Max Statman



In an exclusive interview with GOAL, Danilo Luiz talked about his career, relationship with Alex Sandro, Cristiano Ronaldo leaving, Kaio Jorge Juventus and more.


“I understand your question, but I would include also the years at Porto and I’ll explain why, because of the difficulty of adaptation that was a young footballer when he leaves his country for a different one, even if he speaks Portuguese and is in Portugal, and a different league, with different climate, people and the type of football.


“I would also include in this group the years at Porto, a huge club. But of course I also understand that Manchester City, Real and Juventus represent a different importance in world football, I always link it to the consistency of my work.

“I am aware of my role in each of these teams. I’m sure I’m not a star or the player who puts on a show, but I am aware of my importance to the teams, of my tactical importance, of what I represent in the game of defensive balance, what I enjoy the most about football today and game building.

“There is no team that reaches the last third with a “clean” ball if the defenders don’t do a good job of building, if they don’t have the courage to keep the ball under pressure, if they don’t expose themselves when they lose the ball. ball and a goal risk.

“I understand my role in the teams. I have always focused on hard work, consistency and awareness of my importance to each team. Once you understand this and work to maximize your potential and minimize your weaknesses, then you will be at the highest level for a long time.”



“It was then that I saw players like Hulk, Joao Moutinho, Lucho Gonzalez, the most experienced players in Porto. Players with an identity at the club, with a lot of influence, and I started observing them.

“I said ‘Come on! I have to do what they do!’ It was the first moment that made me snap. I started not waiting for training, but going to the gym to do agility exercises, to strengthen muscles, and to use my time in the best possible way to learn and grow.”



“He is like a brother, he is part of my family, we have created a friendship unlike anything else. Our families are really very close. We are great friends, he is the godfather of my second child. When I am with his parents I feel that energy and they treat me like a child, just like my parents treat him. We have created a deep friendship.

“I really appreciate it and hope to carry it with me for the rest of my life. We have different profiles. He’s very introverted, he’s a very kind guy, he doesn’t talk much. I am more communicative, I like to talk and I am more playful. We get along very well, we respect each other and we have a lot of life together.

“In retreat we were always together in the same room, first in Santos then in Porto. Then he went to Juve and everyone went their own way, but we kept seeing and talking. Then when I arrived at Juve, he welcomed me with open arms. I’m curious to know how many games we played together.”

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“He’s a guy I hadn’t seen playing much. Many people spoke well of him. He’s very calm, serene, hardworking and he wants to learn. This year he’s not having much space, but he has responded well .

“He is a player who holds the ball well, has technique and is above average, has a very interesting timing of passing. An attacker is not only defending and discharging the ball. It is also about knowing how to hold the ball and waiting for the movement, then give the ball back.

“He has all kinds of timing. He came in at the end of a game when the team needed him and he held the ball with character, he didn’t lose it, he was fouled and he brought excitement. I’m curious to see him play more and hope he can adapt to Juventus as quickly as possible, I’m sure everyone would be happy with him.”



“Any team he left has suffered from his absence. Years pass and he is still dominant. Numbers don’t lie. Every chance is a goal. There is no story, there are no words.

“It is extremely competitive. I learned a lot with him. I got very close to him at Real and Juventus even more, and we still talk to each other today and wish each other good luck before matches every now and then.

“He will be missed and felt, but Juventus have the ability and the DNA to get back on their feet, with a lot of work and sacrifice to be able to achieve the victories, and Cristiano knows it too.”



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