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De Ligt: the captain of the future… or not




The Leadership Power

At each game, and at each interview, it becomes clearer that De Ligt has been increasingly leading the squad, becoming one of the references for fans and especially for manager Massimiliano Allegri. This fact has raised a great debate among juveniles all over the world whether or not De Ligt should be captain after Chiellini

As a lot of juventini, I believe that De Ligt would be a good captain for Juventus, being able to become a leader and symbol not only inside from the field, but also outside it, especially with the love and admiration that all juventini in the world have for him.



Mino Raiola Declarations

However, while De Ligt is proving to be an increasingly competent leader, a strong statement by the controversial Mino Raiola ended up upsetting the backstage of Juventus and worrying fans around the world.

Mino Raiola: “Matthijs De Ligt is ready for a new step – he thinks that too” 

Of course, everyone knows that Mino Raiola is always controversial and likes to keep the name of his clients in the media, but in addition to generating an unstable effect on the club, it is also surprising, since Juventus management did not expect at any time that De Ligt or Mino Raiola would express a desire to go.


This situation makes it difficult for De Ligt to take the armband, because these declarations break one of the most important values ​​a captain must have: loyalty. The opinion that the captain must be seen as a reference, being able to motivate the rest of the squad, cannot be confused with erasing the fact that a captain has to be seen as a symbol of the club, a reference not only for the partners, but also for what the club’s DNA represents.

Therefore, I believe that De Ligt must understand his role at Juventus, seeking to behave not only as a leader on the field but also as a flagship off it. From the moment he and Mino Raiola understand that to grow in a club like Juventus you also need a correct attitude towards the media, he can and should be the vice-captain due to his strong leadership skills.

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