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Dusan Vlahovic is the solution and not the problem with Juventus to




Juve is aiming for redemption following a home loss to Bologna that might endanger the bianconeri’s entire season. The one that faced the Emilians was a side that had no identity for the majority of the game and reminded me of Juve early in the season, the one that had Udinese reassemble two goals or the one that had Empoli write pages of history. in the early stages of the season. But, from January till today, that Juve appeared to be little more than a distant cousin of the one seen in 2022, especially following the entrance of Dusan Vlahovic, who gave Juve a face and rejuvenated Juve with an unlimited dosage of energy.

In truth, the Serbian not only scored more goals, partially alleviating Allegri’s team’s issues in the first half of the season, but he also rejuvenated the entire environment, which has changed course since the arrival of the ‘Giant of Belgrade.’ And it is to him that the Old Lady will have to cling from now on, at least for the next 5 years, but with the need that all hopes be placed in DV7 right from the first bars. The race in which Fiorentina will have to recover, as well as the straight confrontation with Fiorentina on the last day, do not inspire confidence in Juventus fans, who fear losing the train that leads to the Champions League at the last corner, not to forget Mourinho’s Rome.


As a real leader, his objectives and immense devotion to sacrifice will be needed now more than ever to support his comrades. Dusan has already made an impact in our Serie A, becoming the second-youngest foreigner to achieve 50 goals, after former Rossoneri Alexandre Pato, in his most recent encounter against Bologna. Others, on the other hand, will be required to snare the pass and get automatic entry into the next Champions League.

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