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Every word from Dušan Vlahović interview as he talks future, life at Juventus, ambitions, various aspects of his life and more




In a recent interview with ‘Gazzetta dello Sport,’ Dusan Vlahovic, the rising star of Juventus and Serbian football sensation, shared his thoughts on various aspects of his life, career, and ambitions. Here’s a detailed account of his words in direct speech:

“I don’t settle; I want to avoid regrets at 40. The key is mentality,” emphasized Vlahovic, highlighting his mindset of continuous improvement.


On the 71-day goal drought, he calmly stated, “I don’t know other secrets than daily work. Football is made of highs and lows like life; the difference lies in the head, how clear you can stay and not let yourself be influenced. I wasn’t worried, just focused on the field and helping the team. When you unlock yourself, the goals come.

“The draw against Inter gave us more conviction; it means we’re there. Do we talk about the Scudetto in the locker room? Players should always dream; we all have personal and team goals. The priority is to return to the Champions League; then, we’ll see where we stand in the standings and what we can do. Everyone in the locker room has the ambition to win because the Juventus shirt demands it,” shared Vlahovic regarding discussions within the team.

Addressing summer transfer rumors, Vlahovic expressed unwavering commitment: “I haven’t lived this summer differently. From my point of view, nothing happened. I’ve always been focused and calm, even during the tour in America when I missed the game against Milan due to a physical issue. I’ve always been serene.

“Have I ever felt close to leaving Juventus? No, I’ve always been sure I wanted to stay. Rumors are part of the game; if we listen to all, we can go crazy. I isolated myself and thought only about the field. In the end, I’m very happy to have stayed. It’s what I wanted. I can only thank the fans opposed to my transfer; it’s exciting and nice to know they’re on my side.”

Reflecting on Juventus from within, Vlahovic remarked, “In reality, it’s much better than I imagined. Only by being inside can you realize the greatness of the club and everything that revolves around it. Everyone would like to be in our place. I never had doubts; I always wanted to stay in black and white.

“Friendship with Gatti? Something clicked from the first day. I was amazed at what he went through and how he got here. His story can be an example for children—never give up, always believe because all dreams can come true with hard work. Gattone is always on point; now he wants me to read a book. He’s a good guy, but we’re a beautiful group, and the atmosphere here is very positive.

“Playing with [Allegri] is always a pleasure because he has a winning mentality that he manages to transmit. He wants to win always, like me. In football challenges, he always comes out on top. Let’s say he always turns it in a way that he’s the winner, but competitiveness is always good because it helps grow mentally. Max is a winning coach, and having someone like him on the bench is a big help; it’s the first thing that struck me about him,” said Vlahovic about playing under Allegri.

Regarding his relationship with Chiesa, Vlahovic noted, “We know each other from Fiorentina; we’re similar because we’re both very ambitious. We’re friends off the field too, and it’s always nice to play with him. Last year, not much happened, but now we’re both physically well, and we have to do our part.

“We’re very different, but the understanding comes naturally; we don’t need to talk, we know each other’s movements. We started well, and we hope to continue that way. Can Chiesa and I become the Djokovic and Sinner of Juve? In tennis, you play alone; it’s harder to achieve goals. Fede and I are lucky to have a supporting team.”

Speaking about the changed dynamic at Juventus, Vlahovic emphasized, “When you play here, the spark must necessarily ignite because you have the obligation to win always. We’re a solid and aware group. Sometimes we suffer, and this unites us even more. We started very well, go ahead game by game, and at the end of the season, we’ll take stock.

“Does it bother us that there’s so much talk about the game, putting results in the background? No, it’s not our thought. We train hard and well; when we step on the field, we have only one thing in mind, winning. When we succeed, we’re happy; in the end, that’s the only thing that matters. Of course, we work on our mistakes to try to improve.

“In this season, I’ve scored three times with my weak foot? It’s all the result of hard work. In our profession, you can always improve. I can do it as a young player, just like someone at the end of their career, just look at CR7. This is my daily life; every day I focus on what I do well and what comes less naturally to me.

“Only in this way will I become a complete player; the secret is never to stop. Football has gone too far; if you want to become a top player, you can’t afford to have many flaws. Players are increasingly technical and physical; I don’t neglect anything, and I hope the results will show. Do I bring football home? Yes, I dedicate myself to it 100%. At home, I recover and watch other matches; I review mine at Continassa with the staff.

“Do I regret something about the eight-goal difference between me and Lautaro? I missed some games and returned slowly. I wouldn’t want to make comparisons because we live in different contexts. Martinez is a world champion, and I can only compliment him.

“He, Osimhen, and Giroud are great strikers, but I believe in myself and have nothing to envy. Luca Toni is convinced that I can score more than twenty goals a season? I believe it; if he says so, and he’s a world champion who scored a lot in his career, even more so. I’ll do everything to prove him right. Haaland? He’s breaking all records, but we have different stories. I’ll try to have his same goal tally one day.”

These insights offer an unfiltered look into the mind of Dusan Vlahovic, showcasing his determination, commitment to Juventus, camaraderie with teammates, and ambitious goals for the future.