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Every word from Allegri’s on his meeting with Elkann, team news ahead of Monza, McKennie future and more

Max Statman



Every word from Massimiliano Allegri’s pre-Monza press conference on Weston McKennie future, Pogba and Vlahovic fitness, Leandro Paredes, meeting with John Elkann and more:



“How the team arrives? We get there after two games, we had a good game with Atalanta but only collected one point. We know we have made a defeat and a draw in the last few games, conceded 8 goals and we must absolutely improve.

“We had conceded 7 goals in 17 games, now 2 goals in 8 games. Plus the Italian Cup 9, making only 6 goals. We must go back to old habits. It is true that football is strange and there are also these evenings, but tomorrow we face Monza, which plays well and has already done well in the Italian Cup. Tomorrow they will have more owners, it will be important for us to return to victory.”


“I spoke to Elkann, we didn’t mention this at all. He only asked me how the team is doing, then the rest… I believe that at the moment there are many things to do and we must remain focused on the championship, without losing sight of it. We have 4 months with goals to achieve.”


“Tomorrow Vlahovic and Pogba will be available, Chiwsa will not be available because she has fatigue on the flexor on the operated leg, it is normal and it is a mishap of two days, Thursday will be with Lazio. Cuadrado, also for him a problem with the sciatic nerve, was annoying, he too should be with Lazio. Bonucci is late in condition, it will take longer. Pogba and Vlahovic are available as De Sciglio .”


“There won’t be, absolutely not. It’s at the center of market rumors, I think they’ve already found an agreement with the company where McKennie should go. Tomorrow it is useless to have it available and let it play. ”


“Tomorrow we will hardly see it, Chiesa is out and we will still have Cuadrado out, we will hardly change order. Also because it is a set-up that has led us to score 38 points in the championship and we continue like this. Then when we are all, the moment, the game… changing is not a problem. “.


“We must remain isolated from everything, also because we are asked to go on the pitch and try to win games. We need to focus on what has been done so far, including the last two games. We must have a recourse to Monza, we have made a point in the last two games regardless of external problems, which must not concern us.

“There is a strong society, we think about doing the results and reinforcing what is the ranking. Which are 38 points. From that we must go on. We have finished a first leg, now we have the return. 19 games, from tomorrow we must try to score as many points as possible, knowing that tomorrow is a very, very difficult game. Monza is not the one in the first games, it is doing well, indeed very well.”


“There will be no reinforcements on the market. If McKennie starts, we have Cuadrado, De Sciglio, Soulé who can also play outdoors. We will certainly change the set-up if it is needed, but it is not a problem. The important thing is that we have recovered almost all the players.”


“Pogba and Vlahovic? They are fine, they have done good workouts, a good test. Vlahovic a little better than Pogba, but Paul has come later in the past few days. If there is a possibility, when a player is called, then he is available to play… They don’t have 60 minutes in the legs. They will have 30 minutes in the legs, to say the least.”


“On which ropes I work? We, what we do on the field, is that we have 38 points. Otherwise it is diminished and certainties are lost. Otherwise you see the ranking and ask yourself: the Juve that team is? Poor 23-point team? No, 38 points on the field, we work in the field. We must continue to work on that ranking there. Then if they take them off or lose them, there is a strong company behind it, which works to defend itself in all the rooms where they have to defend themselves. Indeed: attack. We must try to score points.”


“He is fine. He had already had a good game with Monza, tomorrow he can also play. We enter a period where we have a game every three days.”


“Agreement between companies, then I don’t know if it will go through. He is a player on the market and therefore it does not seem right and normal to bring him.”


“My opinion and my thought is of little use, the boys know it and are responsible. Now we have to be more focused than before on the football aspect, however an important effort must be made because it is not simple.

“And it must be made simple, you need to make a result already with Monza. We also expect a hand from the fans, compared also to Atalanta. You need to compact all of them, a granite block, all of them, to do the best possible. Beyond the championship, we have the Italian Cup and the Europa League. Thursday important clash with Lazio.”


“With the complete team he can make all these points? I don’t know if we can… You thought the team made 38 points with all these absentees? Let’s say it was a nice first leg, made many points, inside many young people, now players of the first team in all respects. There is always a positive aspect to negative things. We are all good at chattering, indeed those who return now have even more responsibility than those who were from the beginning. They will have to prove that they are better than those who made 38 points.”


“We have a game every three days, if we can manage the changes too, we could take advantage. It depends on the work of the group, on the desire and conviction to do something extraordinary and important. Make an excellent return group and try to get to the final in the two cups, which is not easy.”



“We will hardly change tomorrow, but it does not mean that in the future we will not be able to do it.”


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