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Every word from Max Allegri’ post match press conference vs Fiorentina

Max Statman



Massimiliano Allegri spoke to DAZN after the draw against Fiorentina:



“Anger? In the end he was a bit angry, I wanted him to finish because they were pushing them. We suffered some crosses and a shot on goal with a nice save by Perin. We could have better exploit some counterattacks with their high defense, but the game had to be closed in the first half. This is a change of mentality. Those are heavy balls, you do not have 10, at that moment it must be bitten and instead we were not able, this is the only regret. I can tell the guys that they had a good game, then Di Maria, Paredes came out and we adjusted. The guys still had a good game. There was a good spirit, we made the fifth consecutive useful result. Champions, then we will prepare for the pre-break championship. 

DIFFICULTY IN ATTACK – How do I explain it? There was also that Di Maria came out and I put Cuadrado high which makes it a bit more difficult. It was that Paredes came out and I put in Fagioli and Miretti. I am very happy with the result, in those moments these matches in Florence can be lost.

THE TURNING POINT – From 2-0 us to 1-1 with a penalty against. Football is bestial for this. That’s why until we understand that the Juve ball has a different weight from the others … That is the 2-0 ball, if you don’t score then they can change the games and it has changed on a psychological level. 


SECOND TIME ANGER– Above all in addition to the management there were situations in which to move the game and we continued on the same side. There were two or three sensational opportunities to go in with three passes. And we didn’t.

CONSTANT NET DECREASE IN THE 2 HALF – “Today we played with Di Maria with two training sessions, Bonucci half training, Paredes arrived yesterday, the guys who played 5 games in a row, it’s not even easy. These games in other situations are likely to lose, let’s see the positive things. We could have gone 2-0, but we didn’t. 

VLAHOVIC OUT– “We couldn’t make more than 5 changes. Alex Sandro had a problem with his flexor, Paredes was cooked, Di Maria also came out at the end of the first half. Then I put Kean for depth. Vlahovic has rested and will be ready for the next matches.


SCUDETTO SHARE – “Now it’s not very high, it depends on whether the teams are in a row, let’s hope it’s us.” 

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