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Every word from Max Allegri’s post match press conference vs Spezia

Max Statman



Allegri ‘s words to Sky :

TURNOVER – “At the moment we are fresh, we need knowledge then it’s a matter of characteristics, in the midfield with 2 quality and one like Rabiot who was extraordinary, having out of Pogba and Paredes he arrived today I must try to continue. In Florence maybe we will change, with Di Maria I took a risk but I needed positive energy, he and Kostic and Milik well. The changes are important “.


THE MATCH – “At the beginning of the season the important thing is to bring home the results, the condition is not optimal, there are matches every 3 days, the knowledge within the team, there are new players. We need to improve the management of the match, after 25-30 minutes we lost some balls trivially and we unmarked backwards while before we were running forward. In those moments we have to pass without risk, they put us in, we lost order, we have to let those 5 minutes pass “.

MIDDLE FIELD – “First half was good then he dropped. Second half was good again, he came out. Very happy with him. He didn’t miss a stop, few players control the ball like him”.

SZCZESNY – “Excluding fractures, one contusion”.

MANAGEMENT – “We need to improve, Dusan extraordinary goal he worked well he made the fight, one of the best performances ever he cleaned the ball a lot he still has room for improvement, in the second half he cut two readings but he had to go to the other side, it’s improved a lot. Then Milik, he is more experienced, has a different cleanliness. Dusan will reach the maximum when he manages to be cleaner, he must be calmer in opening the game, so much the goalscoring qualities are not lacking “.

Paderdes – “Paredes gives quality, Locatelli can be freer and less responsible. The matches where we have struggled to build and where we played with only one midfielder under construction. Zakaria fits in like McKennie, Rabiot is between wall and construction, Miretti and Locatelli they help each other in the development of the action and Paredes can make us grow “.

Going forward- “Now the result is important, then there are the moments of the matches, then there are also the opponents. It is normal that we need to grow, even these guys in difficulty must be helped, Juve have been arriving for two years where we can’t win, we started well, you need enthusiasm and everyone’s help. If things go badly, just whistles. I don’t like being pretty but not winning “.


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