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Every word from Max Allegri’ UCL pre match press conference vs Benfica

Max Statman



Max Allegri spoke with the press Tuesday evening in Turin as Juventus will take on Benfica Wednesday in a crucial Matchday 2 clash. Here is what the manager had to say. 

How’s the team doing?


“We have recovered Di Maria, but I still don’t know if I will field him from the start. Szczesny will evaluate him after the conference. Alex Sandro had a problem with his adductor in Sunday’s penalty action and we will see if he will play with Monza. Rabiot and Locatelli are out. We have these out, but Di Maria is back “.

What do you think of Benfica?

“He has a great tradition, they come from 11 positive results. Tomorrow is not decisive but important, to get a result we will have to perform as a team, as compactness, we will have to stay inside the game without amnesia. In Europe you pay dearly for everything”.

Milik owner?

“I will have to evaluate because I have a doubt also in midfield and I have to decide. We are fine and we are recovering for tomorrow.”

Is the three-man defense a solution?

“It depends on the characteristics of the players. Right now we can build in three. It depends on how the game is played and how they defend them. It’s a question of knowing how to move and occupy the spaces”

Does Juventus have a concentration problem?

“We talked about it, you need balance. Sometimes you can’t score but you don’t have to concede. It’s not a shame if the first half ends 0-0, the important thing is not to concede. On Sunday we conceded goals in the first half. . The team must not go into a state of anxiety, maybe it is a moment when the opposing team takes over. The matches are long and when you don’t manage to score, you don’t necessarily have to concede a goal. ”

Cuadrado played a lot. Can you rest tomorrow?

“I have him from outside, De Sciglio and Danilo who can play both central and full-back. Thank goodness I have him.”

Have you given yourself an explanation for this team turmoil?

“Let’s see the positive thing. The desire to do leads us to overdo it. We must not, however, overdo it but we just have to do. There is a desire to win games, but we have 95 minutes to win.”

How do you see Vlahovic right now?

“I have seen him improve in the aspects in which he needs to improve, but I am very happy with what he is doing. Of the players, let’s say young, with less international experience, he is among the best with Haaland and Mbappè.”

How do you explain this agitation given that you are an experienced team?

“We have experience in many players, but some have few games in the Champions League or in the Italian league. Playing at Juve is never easy, you are always under pressure which is sometimes good, but which always forces you to win. Bremer will be tomorrow. in the second game of the Champions League and he is an extraordinary signing for the club, but he remains in his second appearance in the Champions League. simple things. There will always be moments of delicate matches. ”

A judgment on what happened against Salernitana? Satisfied with the AIA response?

“I have never expressed judgments on the referees only that not if I will be disqualified on Sunday. I think that for the coach it would be better to pay a fine, even hefty, to be donated to charity and on Sunday to be on the bench. At least with this we can also do good. . I think it’s something we should think about. Let’s put our unsportsmanlike behaviors inside us and help those in need. ”

Why are the coaches so nervous? Too much pressure? The heat?

“It would take a swim in the sea. On Sunday I had the wrong reaction, I’m sorry but it was 93 ‘. I would have been happier with a fine than a disqualification. To be sent and not kept there”.



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