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Every word from Max Allegri’s post match press conference vs PSG




At the end of PSG-Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri analyzed the Bianconeri’s match on Mediaset’s microphones. 

“The team played a good game tonight, but we have to see it as a missed opportunity. We had to make better use of Mckennie who is a forward with a few more crosses. We definitely have to improve, but this is a missed opportunity. Vlahovic’s performance? a good game, then we can’t change our opinions after every game. The guys had a great spirit tonight, even if they risked something, but the PSG players have a crazy speed and technique. ” 


“When you play against these teams, the greatest difficulty is when you don’t have the ball. In the first half we were too shy, better in the second half. Against Salernitana it will be more difficult to play, for example because there will be less space.”

“The two goals scored despite being the result of plays by an immense class by Neymar and Messi could have been avoided with more attention. Paredes? Players of a certain level can be seen immediately, from how they stop the ball, from how they think the play. Now we have to think about beating Salernitana, because we cannot lose any other heavy points “.

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