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Every word of Dybala and Cuadrado from their post game interview.




Firstly, the interview of Paulo Dybala.


<< On todays team performance? “I think we dominated the whole game, the defenders were very good at pushing us. With Cuadrado’s goal we lived the game more peacefully, but we have to be better at closing it sooner. Then we did it and quietly closed the game.”



<< His conditioning? ‘You asked me the same question in Verona, I always try to be comfortable playing three games a week it is not always easy, many players are made bad, should skip the games. We have so many competitions, it is sometimes difficult to make up, I always try to do my best, be up and play to win”.


<< On Juve’s direction? ” We know what we have to do, we need to continue on and arrive at the end of December with all possible victories to catch up on those in front and then see.”



<< Cuadrado’s goal? “He said he didn’t shoot, he crossed.” (He laughed


<< Contract renewal? << “I believe that the company now has other things to talk about and to find a solution, the renewal can now wait given what is happening “.



Now Cuadrado.


<< His goal? “Actually we had tried strong corners on the near post this morning, then I started like that and thank God she went inside.

<<wanted to imitate Calhanoglu? “No, just do what the coach asked and it went well”.



<< His direction? “When did I start playing low I see the action from behind more clearly, I can play more balls and start with more vision. I try to make the most of what the coach tells me, look for spikes and open the game.”


<< First place still possible? “We simply have to believe in it until the end, even in the Scudetto, I am a man of faith. Then it’s up to us in every game to try, if we didn’t we would be nothing. Believing even the impossible and game after game try to get closer to the teams up front.”