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Every word translated from Acting Manager Landucci’s post game press conference




It was an easy night for the Bianconeri as they defeated Sampdoria 4-1 in this Coppa Italia round of 16 clash. Acting manager Marco Landucci was very pleased with his side and showed it when he spoke to Mediaset postgame. The first topic of conversation was the match it’s self where Landucci started off by saying:

“We had a good match, it wasn’t easy, we were good at playing the right match, at being offensive, everyone had a great match, we wanted to get through the round, the Juve plays on all fronts and the Italian Cup is important. Attitude is decisive ”


Next topic of discussion was La Joya, Paulo Dybala:

” He is doing very well, we are happy with his performance, he has been instrumental in these matches as he always has to do. He had bad luck to get hurt . We were unlucky even if no one says so, even with Chiesa, we dedicate the victory to him and he will come back stronger than before, and Danilo ”

And finally the acting manager was asked about the teams performance in the month of January where he said:

” We changed the attitude, many games played with the right attitude, this is important. The games are won on the pitch, there are no easy games, we lost more points with teams defined as small, others we lost and we didn’t deserve. The only one what counts is the work, the desire, the attitude. We are finding continuity, we have to talk little. Sunday a good game to play, difficult against a great team like Milan ”

There’s no doubt the team has looked a bit different under Coach Landucci, but sources and even Landucci himself admitted it was a team effort, and more likely then not, it is still Max Allegri who is pushing all the buttons.

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