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Every word translated from Allegri’s post game press conference




Following his team’s 2-0 victory Saturday night against Udinese, Max Allegri stopped to talk with Sky Sports and was asked about a number of topics ranging from Mckennie to Kean, and Pellegrini to Cuadrado and of course was asked about the latest controversy surrounding his start player Paulo Dybala.

Here is what he had to say starting with tonights performance where he said  “Compared to Wednesday, tonight in the second half there was a moment in which we left the game. This is not good, we have to stay in the game always, especially now that there are no fans. We risked in the game. two or three situations, then came the good goal from McKennie.”

On Paulo Dybala’s goal a stare towards the stands, he said  “There was no one in the stands … He scored a good goal, a good play … and when he scores the team breathes, it is it was extraordinary moment.


He also commented on the recent form of Mckennie where he told the channel  ” McKennie is an offensive player, on the right he does better than on the left: he has different insertion times, from the left it is more difficult. He also scored Wednesday’s goal in Milan coming from the right, and tonight too. ”

And finally he was asked about the Club going forward were he replied with ” We are working, we are focused on this year, then it is normal that we have to see the possibilities of the transfer market. I evaluate the players we have, at the moment I’m happy with what the boys are doing. We have to play games of racing with intensity, then also the technique comes out, it’s a matter of experience. Tonight we had De Ligt from ’99, Pellegrini from ’99, Kean from 2000, the eldest was Cuadrado, the team had patience, then they scored. We can’t handle a game, we have to run. It is not a question of leaders, but of the maturation of the children. In all professions it takes experience, no one is born learned. Experience improves. The faster they understand, the sooner they grow. ”