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Every word translated from Kulusevski’s first interview since leaving Juve




The last time Juventus supporters heard from Dejan Kulusevski, he was surrounded by journalist’s as he was heading into the terminal at the airport in Turin, where he briefly spoke and  graciously said he enjoyed his time at Juventus and hoped to return one day. Yesterday he broke his silence on his move to Tottenham when he gave an interview to Football London, where he spoke about training with Spurs and beyond. First he was asked about His new manager Antonio Conte and his workouts:

“I like ‘suffering’, it’s part of me. I love hard work and I already understand how it works here. It’s incredible. I love this type of session because my body can improve. The training here is very different than in Italy, I say it in a positive way. The players run faster, everything is faster in an attempt to make us stronger. For me it is positive, my body must feel alive to allow the head to think faster. For these reasons I am very happy to be here. ”

He was also asked about the importance of former Juventus manager Antonio Conte’s role in bringing in Kulusevski to the London club:


“That was all. This is a fantastic club, but thanks to the coach everyone runs more. He has excellent training methods, excellent tactics, the staff are fantastic and explain everything. This week it was fantastic and I am honored to be here. ”