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Every word translated from Matías Soulé’s interview with his home town paper




With it being international break in the world of Football, Juventus 18 year old youngster and Argentinian international Matías Soulé took some time to talk to his home town paper La Capital in Mar del Plata, and talked about a wide range of topics. Here’s what the young man had to say.

The first topic of conversation was about the players 2021 season and the things he achieved during that year:


“Everything that has happened to me in recent months has been crazy. First of all I started training with the first team, then my debut came, something I dreamed of as a child. And even more so in a club like Juventus , one of the top five in the world. And then the call-up to the national team was all incredible. ”

Next he talked about being called up by the first team:

“I felt very well received. Under 23 and Serie A are not the same thing, but I adapted quite well. I also got used to them quickly when I arrived in Italy, although they are not the same. type of football “.

Next he touch on what it meant to play with the first team players and play with countrymen and superstar Paulo Dybala:

“He helped me a lot, he’s a genius in every sense, on and off the pitch, he was by my side on my first trips, in my calls. Likewise, Bentancur and Morata , who speak Spanish. We were together. and they helped me integrate. We play Play Station on the road and talk as friends.”

They paper then asked him about meeting and training with Cristiano Ronaldo:

“Since he speaks perfect Spanish, one day at lunch we chatted a lot. They were all gone, but he stayed with me and two other guys, a Spaniard and a Uruguayan. He laughed with us, in relationships he is a normal person. We couldn’t believe we were like that with him. The same can be said of Dybala . ”

He was also asked about what it meant playing for such a prestigious club like Juve:

“I was struck by everything, the organization, the structure, stuff of another level. It is a privilege to be in such a big club. I hope to be able to stay as long as possible.”

He also touched on the challenges of learning another language:

“I learned Italian quite well, except for some words it is similar to Spanish. Sometimes, however, I still get confused.”

He then talked about what it was like to make his debut for Juve:

“Crazy. I didn’t play for a long time, but I tried to enjoy it already by going out on the pitch with my teammates. I was able to see the penalty kicked by Paulo up close, too bad he got it wrong.”

He was also asked about getting called up by his home country and what it meant to him:

“The Under 23 sporting director, Manna, called me. He told me that, although there was no confirmation, there was a possibility that I would be called from Argentina. Initially I thought it was the Under 20 team, who had just started to train. He was happy too, of course. Then he told me something like “with the greats” and I realized he was with the senior national team.”

Finally he was asked what it was like to play with both Messi and Ronaldo:

“I trained with both of them already, crazy. In the national team we played reduced football with Leo, he’s a phenomenon. If he’s your rival, you play with one less. It’s something you never forget.”


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