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Every word translated from Max Allegri’s pre Coppa Italia press conference




Max Allegri spoke with the Italian press ahead of Juventus’s semi final Coppa Italia clash against Sassuolo. He started off talking about the team and the form they are currently in at the moment.

“The team is fine, we have all recovered apart from Chiellini out. Bernardeschi should return on Friday. Kean suspended and the others are all right. Bonucci will return, he will play from the start tomorrow. Then we will see. We must be ready, it’s a quarter-final, it’s one of the goals since the beginning of the season. Sassuolo play well technically, they come from a 4-0 defeat and we’ll find an angry team. We need a serious game, it would help us prepare for the direct match against Atalanta.”


Next he was asked about the teams over all balance.

“Happy because I’m back, we are doing a good job and running on all the goals. The euphoria is back to the stars after the last game, the enthusiasm is fine, being too euphoric is not good. Champions as much as possible, then the Italian Cup, then the first four places in the league. If you want to dream, and I don’t like it, the three in front are far away. Inter are potentially 11 points, Milan and Napoli attacked. the goal is to play against Atalanta between now and the end of the season.”

Next he was asked about his teams attacking options.

“It may be that one of the three stays out, Vlahovic I have to evaluate. He can play Kaio from the start. Single game, there is also the possibility of extra time and maybe penalties. The changes will be important, all 5. There is serenity . Experience says that in football, given that we play on a fine line, we need to ensure that this moment continues until the end of the season. We need to work peacefully during all training sessions and return to Juventus normalcy. Win a game, put it aside, work well and think of the other. We have to go back to those levels.”

He was also asked about Verona and the up coming matches in Serie A.

“Verona was one of the most complicated, they run, they attack … With Torino it will be like this, with Atalanta it will be like that. There are moments in which we turn, moments in which someone is in better condition, even Kean can play wide on the left. The important thing is that we play compactly, on Sunday they were good and they made themselves available. We are in the second part of the season, personal goals must be set aside and they must all be available. We cannot afford to lose or draw a game. It will be 4 good months to live, fun, but intense. Above all on a mental level.”

Next he was asked about changes he will make for the up coming match.

“Perin plays, I have not decided on the formation, apart from Bonucci who returns. Zakaria is fine, he only took a shot in the back, but he is fine, he trained. We will evaluate the changes, who starts. If it lasts 120 ‘, the changes they are important and can play 60 minutes.”

He was also asked about Kaio Jorge.

“I’m happy, he had the chance to go and play in Sassuolo, he preferred to stay. I’m happy, he’s growing, he’s a center-forward and tomorrow I’ll decide whether to start him from the start or to a game in progress. He’s happy, he wanted to stay , he must follow his path. We are all happy.”

The manager was also asked about his decision making and Juan Cuadrado.

“As for what I have been able to understand from these years as a coach, the closest match is tomorrow and we need to put the best team in a position to beat Sassuolo, considering the changes. Then we draw the line and see who it is. available Sunday. If I start to do the accounts, they never come, always a mess comes out. The goal is to reach the semifinals, everyone is available. Cuadrado has always been the tip of the balance of the team, he can make the third d ‘ attack, the fifth in midfield, the full-back … with the exit of Kulusevski, with the full-backs recovered and depending on the right-back, he can help in the construction. It is so important that he recovered in the match in Verona. He came from many matches in the national team, trips … tomorrow it could be the match. I gave you another one,then it is enough that I do not know.”

He was also asked about his relationship with former Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri.

“I respect Maurizio, a great coach. I always say that when they tell me to play, and where we play, then we go. I don’t make the regulations, I don’t even want to. Anything can happen in a one-off game. I respect Maurizio, but it doesn’t concern me. We take and go when they tell me where to play and when to play.”

Next he was asked about the changes to his midfield.

“Bentancur also went away, with Zakaria we got a good player. Arthur is growing well, on Sunday he had a great game, he ran less, he is like the little ones, he sees the ball and runs behind. He had a good game. He has extraordinary technical qualities. Arthur and Locatelli can play, even with Zakaria. Choosing is not easy, the games become important … better this way. “

He was also asked about Juve’s youth movement.

“I would say that Juventus have worked well in the youth sector, with the Under 23 players. Ready players arrive, then in the spring the much younger players play. Then you see Fagioli, Ranocchia, Miretti has grown very well, Soulé, De Winter who has others in the spring have good technical and physical qualities, they have to improve individually, apart from experience. They have good qualities, there are good players behind Juve in the Under 23s. The Serie C forms the players faster. jump between the Primavera and the first team is very high, an intermediate phase was needed.”

And finally he was asked about Morata and his new role with the club.

“He is important, he has important technical qualities. The players must be framed for the characteristics. If we expect things he cannot do … he played 5 months with his back to goal, he is good at various, on the pitch open is devastating, even the other day he was very good. When he does the things he knows how to do he becomes very good. I don’t find out now. I’ve known him for 10 years now. Like Rabiot: he was raised as a 10, but he’s quantity that also has quality. Also on Sunday he played a very heavy game. If he is evaluated as a quality player … even I thought he could score 10 goals a season, now I have seen that he is a different player, he has different responsibilities. player must be evaluated for the things he knows how to do.”


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