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Everything Regarding Arthur Melo’s Injury!




The Basis on Arthur’s Pain

According to what we know, Arthur Melo suffered from a lingering cartilage problem between the tibia and fibula of his right knee. Not so long ago, he underwent surgery with hopes to definitively resolve the calcification of the membrane between the tibia and fibula.

The Paradox of Decisions

Reportedly, Arthur had the surgery decision (=YES/NO) on his shoulders even before the conclusion that still resulted in the same unpleasant way. However, it is still unknown if the decision to miss some time to see if the wound would fix naturally was solely his option or a joint verdict with J Medical. With the outcome now in mind and knowing that Arthur still underwent the operation, the choice to undergo surgery immediately sounds a lot better than the one with conservative therapy. We could have him available sooner than expected because currently, the recovery time appears to be at least something in between one and a half and two months. What is clear about his comeback is that he is going to miss the whole preseason preparation phase. He should be set to return the first month in the new Serie A campaign.

Injury’s Origins

The problem emerged in the first leg match against Atalanta last season in an impact with Romero. At first, the collision resembled to be another usual short-term injury. Nevertheless, tests highlighted the problem, so a couple of treatments and attempts began. Yet, the Brazilian was still feeling the pain that remained. 



  • Is Arthur being considered relevant in Allegri’s Juve plan or not?
  • Could we get a hint at the summer transfer market? 

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