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Everything you need to know about Juve’ upcoming hearing and court appeals

Max Statman



The verdict from the FIGC Court of Appeal on Juventus’ 15-point penalty and restrictions for its former board of directors has finally arrived.

The club will appeal the ruling to the Coni Guarantee College within 30 days, but that’s just the beginning of its legal battles. Juventus also faces a separate investigation into a salary maneuver and potential consequences from UEFA.


The federal prosecutor is investigating the salary maneuver and has requested a 40-day extension, with a conclusion date of March 10.

The accused will then have 15 days to present their defense and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office will have 20 days to refer it to the Federal Court, leading to a trial in May.

In the realm of ordinary justice, a preliminary hearing on the Prisma investigation by the Turin prosecutor’s office will take place on March 27. The judge will determine if the 13 suspects, including Juve as a company, will go to trial or not.


UEFA is monitoring the situation and may ban the club from European competitions for unsportsmanlike conduct if the capital gains penalty is upheld. UEFA has also opened an investigation into potential violation of Financial Fair Play regarding the salary maneuver since December 1, 2022.


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