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Exclusive with Fabiana Della Valle: De Ligt new release clause, agreement with Kostic and more




Max Statman’s editorial team exclusively interviewed Fabiana Della Valle, Fabiana is a very reliable journalist who covers Juventus for Italian outlet Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Here is the complete interview: 

What are the chances of seeing Kostic playing for Juventus next season? 


“Juventus has an agreement with Kostic’s agent for a three-year deal at 2.5 million net per year, but has not yet made offers to Eintract. I believe it will not be an immediate purchase but there is a good chance that he will arrive.”

What does the future hold for Miretti, Fagioli and Rovella ? 

“I see Miretti and Fagioli in the first team, meanwhile for Rovella it is more difficult and he could be sacrificed.”

What is going on regarding De Ligt’s renewal, any new release clause details? 


“Juve is dealing with the player’s clan, which wants to lower the clause to 70-80 million. There is still distance, the club would like a higher figure but De Ligt is against it.”

Is the Morata door closed forever?

“Atletico, for now has closed the door and told Morata that they want to keep him.”

Developments on the left back situation? 


“A meeting is scheduled this week with the entourage of Cambiaso, on which there is also Inter. Juventus evaluates him as a replacement for Luca Pellegrini, who is expected to leave.”

We thank Fabiana for her time and efforts in keeping us updated with all the affairs regarding Juventus.

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