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Federico Chiesa’s stellar performance raises questions about Juventus role





Juventus fans went through a mix of worry and relief as Federico Chiesa appeared to suffer a knee injury during Italy’s match against North Macedonia.

Fortunately, it turned out to be just a knock, and Chiesa not only recovered quickly but also played a key role in Italy’s victory with two impressive goals.


Chiesa’s exceptional performance for the national team contrasts with his role at Juventus. The debate arises about why he doesn’t shine as brightly for his club.

The difference seems to be in the style of play and tactics. With Italy, Chiesa has more freedom as an external midfielder, allowing him to showcase his skills more effectively.

Chiesa’s post-match comments indirectly hint at his preference for a more proactive and creative approach, a style implemented by Italy’s coach Spalletti.

This raises questions about the tactics and system at Juventus, where Chiesa’s performance has been a topic of discussion.

The match also sheds light on another Juventus player, Federico Gatti, who showcased versatility and contributed to the team’s playmaking.

Spalletti’s experimentation with different strategies could potentially offer new options for Juventus in the future.