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FIGC prosecutor ready to ask for other penalties for Juventus on the salary case

Max Statman



Juventus have been handed a 15-point penalty by the Federal Court of Appeals on Friday as a result of the investigation into the plusvalenza capital gains case.

This leaves them on 23 points in nineth position, outside of the European spots the club usually contends for. They were previously in third position in Serie A behind league leaders, Napoli, and AC Milan.


However, the existing punishments may not be the only ones as prosecutor Guiseppe Chinè would in fact be ready to ask for further penalty points in the standings for Juventus, according to Corriere Dello Sport.

FIGC Prosecutor’s Office also looks at the ‘salary manoeuvres’ made by the Juventus club in the most intense period of the pandemic from Covid, judging it even more serious.

According to the reports, when Serie A was suspended because of Covid, Juventus and its members came to a salary deal that was described in an official press release as a remission of four months’ salaries.


However, the Juventus players allegedly refused their salaries for four months, which also helped to significantly lighten the statement.

In fact, the players donated only a monthly salary, while they agreed to receive the money for the remaining three months later.

According to Sky Sport, the investigation into the so-called ‘salary maneuver’ at Juventus should close during the week, unless requested to extend.


Juventus risks from the fine to the penalty in the standings, up to, in the most extreme cases, the relegation to Serie B.

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