FIGC Prosecutor to work on a third proceeding against Juventus after capital gains and salary maneuvers


FIGC Prosecutor Guiseppe Chinè is ready to open a third lawsuit against Juventus after the capital gains and salary maneuver case, according to Corriere dello Sport.

Juventus have already been found guilty for false accounting which saw them stripped of 15 points from Serie A last week, and are also being investigated over a ‘salary maneuver’ case.

FIGC Prosecutor’s Office looks at the ‘salary manoeuvres’ made by the Juventus club in the most intense period of the pandemic from Covid, judging it even more serious.

According to Sky Sport, the investigation into the so-called ‘salary maneuver’ at Juventus should close during the week, unless requested to extend.

Juventus risks from the fine to the penalty in the standings, up to, in the most extreme cases, the relegation to Serie B.

When this case is over the FIGC Prosecutor will start a third procedure which could would be referred to as “opaque partnerships in debt-credit relationships” between the Juventus club and other teams.

Max Statman
Max Statman
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