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First Words from Inter director Marotta on the Dybala situation




Last month Romeo Agresti reported that the contract renewal of Paulo Dybala was 101% a done deal, and that the only thing that was missing was the signature of the player, then a few weeks later we were told the reason for the delay was the fact that Dybala’s agent was not licensed in Italy, then it was reported that Juve were changing minor details in the deal, to management changing their offer from €10M down to €8M, and finally that last of the most reliable reports came when Sky Sports’s Gianluca Di Marzio said that Juve management were reassessing everything and the contract depends on Champions League qualification.

So with this information and the fact that Dybala will not be retiring at the end of the season, I think it was fair of me to explore where he could be playing next season, and eyebrows were raised when I first suggested he could be playing for Inter Milan, but if Juve were to end negotiations and with Dybala most likely wanting to stay in Italy, that would leave our biggest rivals as his only option.

Reports came out stating Dybala isn’t happy, and he confirmed that point with his no celebration and stare at management after scoring against Udinese. So with the temperature that hot, I have a right to wonder. I reported last week from admittedly a more unreliable than reliable source, that Inters director Beppe Moratta reached out to La Joya’s agent to see what it would take to sign the player, and today he gave his first interview since that report came out, here’s what he told DAZN when speaking of the situation:


“No, he wasn’t looking for me in the stands, I was at home. When a player of Dybala’s caliber approaches the free agency it is normal that he is approached by every big club. We monitor all market opportunities. We are always trying to raise the bar, but in the offensive department we are fine and must show some respect to our forwards.

That response from Marotta was politically correct, calculated and leaves you thinking without really saying anything at all,  but if I had to guess, Beppe is one of the best directors in Football, and he wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t at least make a phone call.